Thursday, June 29, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED TO JUNE??????? ft. Julia's poem book + camp nano excitement + cute things VBS kids said + two months till college + photos of my desk

So, June just happened, and it seems to have flown by so fast! It was a pretty great month. The first half was crazy busy with being in California, then going to help out with VBS at my aunts church, but all in all it was a great month. Just two more months till college, and I am hoping those months will fly by as well. I am ready, and so so excited! Bring it on! 

Awesome Stuff
  • Helping out with VBS. Lots of goldfish, water games, and singing. 
  • Taking the siblings to go swimming at a local pool.
  • Realizing that I have less than two months before college starts! *squeals*
  • Getting Julia's poem book in the mail!
  • Cool summer nights, where I can fall asleep to the sound of crickets and the breeze.
  • FaceTimeing with Julia on my birthday in the hotel stairway. SO MUCH FUN! 
  • Bob Ross. He's just awesome, k.
  • I found out I share a birthday with Erroll Garner. Like, he's dead, but its still pretty cool! 
  • Getting my desk all ready for Camp Nano!
  • Getting Hobby Lobby in my town. Best thing that has happened since the library was built. 
  • Having a JAG marathon.
  • Tent camping out in my friends back yard, building our own fire pit, and singing songs around the campfire.

Hilarious Saying from VBS Kids 

*talking to a little girl at vbs about balloons* 
Little Girl: I like balloons, but I am giving this one to Jesus. *lets go of balloon outside* 
Me: Ohh, do you think Jesus likes balloons like you?
Little Girl: Yes, and he probably have a whole bunch of them up in Heaven, and when I go see Him after I'm dead, he will give them all back to me!

Little boy: "I'm gonna run through that sprinkler, and be wet, then I'm gonna be legit!" 

Girl:"Are you an old maid?" *group of little girls asked me while playing 'Old Maid' card game* *gif perfectly explains my inward reaction* 

Kid: "Wanna hear a joke??" 
Me: Sure! I love jokes!" 
Kid: Okay, so there are two things I can't eat for breakfast, what are they?" 
Me: Um, bananas? Or Carrots?!" 
Kid: Nooooo, the two things I can't eat for breakfast are lunch and dinner!!" *evil laugh* 

Me: "What do you want for breakfast?"
Brothers friend: "Something cheap."

Awkward Stuff

  • When you get into one of those awkward homeschool vs. public school conversations with a public school kid, and you are trying to convince them that we actually do school. 
  • The second hand embarrassment that comes with watching Bill Nye The Science Guy *cringes*
  • When I find myself wondering who Pete is and why we do things for his sake??? 
  • That awkward moment when you say "What?" three times and no one answers so you just agree. 
  • That moment when you try to join in a conversation, when there is a pause, but just as you are about to speak someone else jumps in.
  • When you push on a toy that says "PUSH ME" and it won't shut up so you just walk away like nothing happened. 

June Faves

walden pond - by Ava. Gahhhh, go read this story!
things you're told  - by Ju speaks so much truth.
#rebelliouswriting (Afraid To Turn The Page)  - by Audrey was outstanding. 
Summer 2017 Bucketlist  - by Grace. She's gonna rock this summer with this epic list.
Joy Through Tears  by Lauren was so relatable and beautifully written, as always.
LIVING IN THE MOMENT || PAINTING + 17130128310 BOOKS TO READ. SEND HELP by Sare. She's just so fun guys. XD 
Last Hour of Being 19  - by Vanessa. SHE TURNED 20 Y'ALL! <3 
Made To Inspire #16 - by Autumn always makes me smile. 

Goals Completed
Get together with friends I haven't seen in a while.
Did this! So much fun!

Go walking more.
Yesssss, did this.

Make homemade ice-cream with my siblings. 
Nooooo haven't done this, but we will get to it, this summer.

Bake a really weird fancy french desert.
K, guys I did this. I made a Charlotte Royale Cake. It was so hard, and it took all day to complete, but boy, was it amazing. Go check out this recipe from The Great British Baking Show season 2. 

July Goals
  • Meet my camp Nano goals. I will not fail by 947 words like I did in April. XD 
  • Complete college shopping.
  • Go iner-tubing.
  • Go off sugar for one week.

I've read some really great books this month. Review coming soon on Jesus < Religion by Jefferson Bethke. Such a great read. Its really challenged and encouraged me a lot, which was very needed this month! 

How was your month?
CAMP NANO STARTS IN 2 DAYS! How are you preparing?
Do you think you will try to make a Charlotte Royale Cake? 


  1. YAAASSSS CHICKEN SOUP IS THE BEST. I remember reading their books a ton! BOB ROSS IS ALSO THE BEST. Probably one of the only famous people who lived where I lived for awhile. As for NaNo prep... haha, what's prep? xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  2. GOOD LUCK ON CAMP NANO! Same about the Pete thing, though..Who is he, and why do we keep doing things for his sake??? *confuzzled about life*

  3. Ahhh, you watch The Great British baking show too? My family and I love it so much. Your cake turned out really well! I think mine would be, in the words of Mary Berry "a bit a mess".

    I hope you have a wonderful June and complete all your goals! And best of luck on NANO!

    ~ Pip

  4. Oh the joys of trying to convince people that we actually do school. XD

    And AWH I'M FLAILING! Here's hoping that we both rock this summer. <3 *fistbump*

  5. It sounds like you had an awesome month.
    I had a great month too! I won your giveaway, got a new piano student, finished 11th grade, and got to 40 followers on my blog!! YAY!!!
    That dessert you made looks wonderful!! I'll have to give it a try sometime.

  6. Great wrap-up, Clara! That dessert you made looks PERFECT.

  7. Wow that cake is 100% incredible! Don't ever doubt your cooking skills, girl! And all the best for NaNo and your other July plans! :)

  8. I'm glad June went well for you! I loved reading the little VBS kids' sayings. That made my day. :D
    GOOD LUCK WITH NANO! I know you can do it.


    and facetiming was the best i miss you so much

  10. AI I WANT A COPY OF JULIAS BOOK. /I need money/

    haha little kids are the best!

    homeschooler vs public schooler conversations are the best/worst! You feel like you're widening their perspective on life while half forceconvincing them XD