Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm Seventeen!! feat. Photo Dump + 2017 Bible Conference + UNICORNS ACTUALLY EXIST.

I'm seventeen.

I thought this day would never come. As a little kid, the age 17 and being an actual graduate, seemed  forever away and so 'old', but right now I still feel so young. I'm still super young. Its so funny how your perspectives change from age to age. XD

I really liked being 16. It was a pretty amazing year. So much happened and I grew so much. I got my drivers license, I drove alone for the first time, I got my first 'official' job, I traveled to NYC and sang in Carnagie Hall, I graduated, I'm legit going to college! *flails* Its all happening so fast. God has blessed me soooooo much this year! I've got plans. I've got goals, and I am so ready to get started on achieving them. I want to make a difference in the world, and I never want to let that feeling die within me. I'm honestly terrified of the future, but my excitement outweighs that fear. I am ready.

But today I turned 17. I'm spending the day with my dad, and pastors family. We are out of town at an annual leadership conference in the big state of California where I will be attending Bible college, and its literally been the best. I've got to meet a lot of really amazing, genuine people, (I got to meet Ron Hamilton, who plays Patch The Pirate EPPPP SOOO COOL, cuz I literally grew up on his audio drama's) listen to some awesome preaching, take my dad to eat at his first In and Out burger, FaceTime with my bestie, meet my first official "college friend", and stay up till 1am at Marie Callenders eating pie. XD

Its been such a blast to hang out with friends, and have one-on-one time with my dad, but its also been nice to leave this conference spiritually refreshed and ready to go back to reality, feeling challenged and encouraged.

Okay, so I have some really awesome news. UNICORNS ACTUALLY EXIST. No joke, dude. Go grab your Bible, and look these verses up for yo-self. There are 9 verses that mention unicorns in the Bible, and I thought that was pretty cool, cuz you always hear about unicorns, and I personally thought they were ridiculous, but it was interesting to learn they where/are real. But SHHHHHH don't tell Starbucks. XD
  • Job 39:9  Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?
  • Numbers 24:8 God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows
Whatcha all been up to?
Any fun summer things going on? Camps? ect.
Are ya all getting excited about NaNo?  


  1. GOSH DARN IT STARBUCKS. Don't mock the unicorns! You look really pretty in your dress mirror photo, Clara! As for what I've been up to-- I'm recovering from playing a very intense game of Capture the Flag (somehow people managed to tackle me and vice versa and I wasn't terrified at all by one bit????), but I'm also getting ready to travel down south! Whoo! It's going to be hot and not a lot of people in the blogging world probably visited the city, but it'll be pretty fun!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  2. Happy birthday--this all looks like so much fun! Yes, I am so pumped for NaNo. :)


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Clara!!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! I'll be seventeen next month and I'm SOOOO excited!!
    What have I been up to? Well, I've been really busy with house hold chores, reading a lot of books, practicing for my upcoming piano recital, and just life in general.
    That's so neat that you got to meet Ron Hamilton!!! I loved listening to Patch the Pirate when I was little too! My two older sisters got to meet him a few years back when they went to the WILDS and they thought that it was so cool!

  4. HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAY TO YOUUUU *sings super loud and embarrassing because that's what I'm here for* xD

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I LOVE your outfit <3 <3

    Welcome to California! I always forget how big the state is compared to other states xD

    audrey caylin

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL *all the confetti* <33

    and omw. unicorns rly exist that's epic XD

  7. Happy belated Birthday! I've also just turned seventeen; it's a strange feeling isn't it?

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

  8. Happy birthday!! Congratulations on all the things you achieved over the year! It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the conference. All the best with college and your other plans for the upcoming year! :)

  9. Gorgeous photos of you, Clara, and I'm glad the conference went well! Happy birthday again! ♥


    I love your necklace :) Sounds like you've been pretty crazy awesome busy! but that's good :)