Saturday, April 15, 2017

we are loved by someone greater than humanity || happy easter

 -We are loved by someone greater than humanity. His name is Jesus. -

I am amazed more and more everyday at Jesus' love for me. I am blown away by the fact that Jesus came to die for me, and it just blows my mind how he is so patient with me even when I fail miserably. One of the songs I've been listening to as we near closer to Easter, constantly reminds me how much Jesus loves me, and its such a comfort to know that 'He loves me more' than I could ever love anyone. Talk about breath taking, right?

The Lord hath appeared of old to me , saying I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. Jeremiah 31:3

I'm really starting to realize how I am so selfish, yet he is selfless. I am so ungrateful, yet he blesses me. I am so unforgiving, yet he forgives me. And He died so I could live, and, I constantly take for granted the fact, that he gave His life for mine.

 I go to church, and every week I see the cross hanging up in the front. I've seen it every Sunday of my life, but do I really stop and think about what the cross means or what it symbolizes? Jesus went through unspeakable pain, for me and you and everyone. Even the people who forsake Him. For the very people who spit at him and called Him names. For the people like us who always mess up. The Bible says our good is like dirty rags, yet he loves us anyways, and that's pretty cool. 

But whats even more amazing is that Jesus rose again on Easter morning, and He still lives! The other day I was just observing our front yard and how the grass is turning green and the flowers are blooming. Its pretty interesting that in winter everything just literally dies. The trees loose their leaves, the flowers die and wither and the very earth seems lifeless and dry, but in spring everything comes alive again out of that death and its so neat to compare that to Jesus's death for you and I, and then life to the season of Spring! Isn't He amazing? So, I just wanted to remind you, that even when you don't feel loved, our feelings may change, but Jesus never does and He loves us with an everlasting love. Rest in the simplicity of His love this Easter, and remember to think about how much Jesus gave up so you and I could have life.

Happy Easter,



  1. Goodness Clara, so many of these thoughts have also been going through my head this week! (in a much-less organized, coherent way)
    I've come to realize that I so often want to skip to Sunday- the joy, the life, the resurrection. But this Holy Week contains so much depth, so much significance that I skim over.
    Also, the depths of His grace and forgiveness- WOW!!! I'm with you- it's so amazing how big our God is!
    thanks for sharing your thoughts
    elissa //

  2. The comparison with the flowers and Jesus getting waken up in spring. I loved reading this. It's the first thing I'm reading this morning and it fits perfectly. The cross is so important and it's often not thought about in depth.

    At our church we just got a light up sign for outside and our priest wants to put up a message on the board that says, "Jesus woke up on Easter, why didn't you?" Thought that was funny and I'd share it with you.

    Happy Easter<3

  3. happy Easter! these photos are gorgeous, and your thoughts are so lovely and inspiring :)

    ~ noor

  4. this is so beautiful and the photos are legit stunning!! YOU JUST ROCK K <33333333

  5. I like this all so much - the photos and your words. And that first line you used for the title is so incredibly powerful to think about. xx

  6. that second to last picture thoughhhhhh

    and awesome post!

  7. I hope you had a brilliant Easter, Clara.
    The photo of the piano is beautiful - I play the instrument and it spurs a warm, cosy feeling inside. There's nothing quite like an acoustic piano and old sheet music.

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

  8. it's so so easy to forget what Jesus did for us, i know i totally take it for granted a lot. That's why Easter is so wonderful, the great holiday. It reminds us what Jesus did for us and why we should be celebrating that every second of every day.

    Beautiful picture and wonderful post, as always <3