Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm A Writer. Excuse My Browser History || How I Avoid Writers Block

One of the things I've learned from Camp Nano is that my brain goes wild. Especially when I choose to stay up till 3am trying to make 6k in a single day.  #insane. Another thing I've learned is that us writers do really bizzare things, like asking our relations if they had some bad regret in their past, which route would they take in ending their life. jumping off a bridge, drinking poison ect. *blank stares* Annnddd, we have probably all had to explain to our mothers why we've been looking at names on parenting sites. "I was only trying to name my character!!"

*Does research for darker part of novel* *looks back at browser history*
  • war statistics
  • when was the blender was invented?
  • how many times can you get shot without dying?
  • how to break out of prison 
  • How long does it take for a cabbage to grow? 
  • symptoms of small pox
  • what is the average amount of snow Edinburgh gets each year?
  • how to defend yourself with a random piece of barbed wire and a tomato 
  • greek gods 
  • photos of bombed buildings 
  • psychology of a serial killer
If a random person saw this list.....

Excuse me, I'm a writer. 

Writers block can get me so bad. Like, I won't be able to write for daaayyys, and thats not good. Heres three simple steps on how I beat that nasty mental disease all us writers face! 

1. Write at a set time everyday
This has helped me so much during Camp Nano. I usually write late at night, when my mind is active. It really helps me to have it on my schedule and know there is that set time, where I have to write. 

2. Make goals for yourself 
Camp already has set goals for you, so thats easy! Its pretty cool to reward yourself after you meet your daily goal too. "I will not eat that piece of chocolate cake till I'm done writing 2k!!" 

3. Find a different space
If you have a set writing space where you write every single day, you might want to change it up a bit, if you are suddenly struck with a sudden spasm of writers block. Go down to the coffee shop, sit out on the porch or out in the yard. A change of scenery can do wonders!

ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT OF NANO! I have 9k to go, to meet my goal! So excited!

What things do you find in your browser history after doing research?
How do you beat writers block? 


  1. OH WOWWW. Same here. Honestly thought, writers look up the weirdest things! This was all too funny and relatable! Looking up names and death scenes can be alarming but there is a good explanation. Our minds are wild with ideas.

    1. SO TRUE! We are the weirdest, awesomest people ever! XD

  2. HAHAHA THIS IS SO TRUE. I relate to this so much xD And that's a cute phrase too haha

  3. Haha! That's fantastic XD OHMYGOODNESS I'm so excited to read your book (If you let me) I know it will be amaaaazziiinnggg :)

  4. This is so true! I look up some of the weirdest things :-)
    Good luck on Nano!

    1. Sooo ture, Jolly! XD
      Thanks, girl!

  5. Haha this post is so true! I often tell my family that if someone out of the family saw my browser history, I'd be accused of murder. ;)
    And by the way - I love I love Lucy so thumbs up on the GIF.

  6. 'how to defend yourself with a random piece of barbed wire and a tomato'

    omw i laughed too hard XD this post was great and GAH NANO IS ENDING SO SOON *flails* I have like 5k left *blinks* but my novel won't be done ha XD WE CAN DO THIS

    1. Ha ha! I KNOW! Its almost kinda sad, but I guess we have July Nano to! Bring it on!
      Wow, Sare, congrats! YES WE CAN!

  7. these are wonderful tips, clara!
    finding a different spot to write often helps me get some inspiration as well.
    i often like cozying up next to a fireplace with a blanket and tea as the rain pitter patters outside my window. no better motivation than that! ;)

    it was great visiting your blog!
    much love,


  8. This is so true and so great *dies laughing at defending self with tomato and barbed wire*

    1. lol! Thanks for your comment, Florid!