Wednesday, April 12, 2017

i never really knew if you were my lighthouse or my storm.

you heard me, but never really listened,
and i learned fast,
that it is such a pity to release a thought,
and have it be returned with silence.

you where a maze with no escape,
a prison without a window,
you where a fire with no flames,
and i never really knew if you where my lighthouse
or my storm.

by your mistakes
you taught me to light a fire that must be seen,
unleash my aspirations with passion,
and never be afraid that my dreams won't come true,
because even if they don't, i would know that i tried
and i lived a life of living and not just existence,
as a person brave, wild and full of life.
as someone who never gave up.
who never stopped trying.

idk, if this even has any significance to my life. XD 


  1. uhm. this needs to be a song or something so loudly shouted BC YES OH MY GOODNESS YESSSSSSSSS

  2. Wow, this is amazing. So beautiful.

  3. Oh my! That second bunch of words was deep. I enjoyed reading this. As always your blog is so inspiring and it is a joy to read.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! That means a lot coming from you! <3 Thanks for commenting! Its so good to see some comments! XD

  4. Yes, I agree with Julia - this needs to be a song. I can just hear that middle paragraph as a chorus. So many deep and relatable thoughts in this, Clara. I like it. xx

    1. AWWWW OMGOSH REALLY?!?!? Well, maybe someone needs to make some music up for it. XD Thank you so much, Jess! <3

  5. wowowowow this is amazing and your design change!!! love it a lot

  6. WAHHHHT. Legit tho, I want to put this to music. (lol and reading above comments, people think the same).

    >maybe I'll try doing something this summer when I'm not so busy? IDK haven't written music before, but... 😬😬<