Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#February2017 ft. Collabro, Science, Basketball & Coffee

Wasn't I just complaining that January and February were going by so incredibly slow??? March is here, apparently, and I'm just laughing cause I don't quite believe it. 

Posts From February

Awesome Stuff

  • Finished Les Miserables! Finally!
  • Collabro's new cd, HOME, release date for this Friday #quethefangirling

  • Getting a "massive" paycheck
  • Going to coffee with a friend
  • Being in a talent show for the first time 
  • Passing a science test
  • Trip planning for spring
  • Freaking out and being excited, all at the same time about college 
  • Late night talks with my mom
  • Going to watch basket ball tournaments with friends
  • Following the Collabro radio tour on Facebook

Not-So-Awesome Stuff
  • Getting sick 
  • Waiting, waiting for two long months for Home's release 
  • Not remembering my password for Pinterest
  • Running out of earl grey and black tea 
  • Slippery roads 

Random /Awkward Stuff 

  • Guys, Julia is awesome, and we have the most random conversations ever. I love it and its the best.
  • My brother asked me, as I was washing my hair in the sink, what conditioner was for. I told him that it makes your hair soft, and he seemed confused, why I needed it, so I told him it was like lotion for your hair, then he seemed to understand the concept. XD Now, he is always going around calling soap, hair lotion.....
  • Sending a letter to my fav celebrity.
  • A random obsession with Cheez-its that my co-worker and I have when we close the store together on Tuesdays.

  • Paying for stuff at the grocery store with all change, and the awkward stares you get from the cashier, like "really? I have to count all this???"  
  • Running to my truck out of the library when I saw that I didn't turn off my headlights again, and the battery might be dead. Of course the meter-man dude was strolling around and gave me this weird look as I ran all over the parking lot, and rummaged for my keys in the bottom of my book bag.  

February Faves 
What I Learned From My Alpha Reader- by Audrey Caylin
My Problem With Wanting To Be Good- by Naomi Sarah
Why You Should Write Letters To Your Future Husband- by Lauren
Hide and Seek- by Aaliyah
My Valentine- by Julia
Its Ok, Not To Be Ok- by Kara Lynn

Goals From February

Finish playing Moonlight Sonata by the end of the month 
Okay, so this didn't happen....I still have half the song left.

Start the 21 day abs challenge that Julia sent me
I am half way through this!

Read two books
I finished Les Miserables, and read The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath.

Get my senior photo cards finished
I got them done, and all ready to send out! Yay! 

Finish plotting my entire novel
Guys, plotting is hard, and I am feeling so uninspired. Plan B, is to just start writing when Camp NaNo starts and see what happens! I'm thinking about the title Negative Time for my novel.... I don't even know what its gonna be about yet, but I have bits and pieces put together. I'll eventually figure it out. 

Focus on catching up on science

Write 10 posts in a month 
hee hee, no this did not happen. I think I only made it to 7?

2 days without makeup 
I did this! I chose to do this on the days that I didn't leave the house. XD

Goals For March
  • Read 3 books.
  • Write 8 posts this month.
  • Drink 2 liters of water everyday.
  • Make a point to keep writing at night.

Have a lovely March, y'all! 



  1. Omw that soccer gif..😂😂😂lol!
    I loved reading this post! :)

  2. Wow, your photos are so good. It sounds like you had a good month! And yes for Collabro's new album! I haven't got it, but maybe I need to?

    Happy March! :)

    1. YES JESSICA! You should order it! I am really sad rn, cause they are sending out autographed albums to everyone who pre-ordered the album before January I am kind of of heart broken, but whatever :p I am so excited though!! XD

  3. hahahahahahaaha #beingfriendswithme #youpoorkid

    HONESTLY THO WHY I AM SO WEIRD HAHA i embarrass myself wayyyy to much. dude tho KEEP DOING THAT ABS CHALLENGE.

  4. Dude I follow that Kara Lynn girl on Pinterest, I didn't know she even blogged, haha! What a small world...

  5. *stares at that last photo forever because iT'S SO BEAUTIFUL OMG* Good job on your February goals!! *high fives and lots of waffles* Those texts between you and Julia are the best tbh xD

  6. The texts with you and Julia are so funny :P I loved this post. And good luck with your goals ;) the 2 liters of water sounds like something I need to do.


    1. IKR?! We have the most awesome conversations! XD

  7. Good job on your February goals! I love the texts between you and Julia :-)
    Did you like Les Mis?

    1. Ha ha, thanks! XD
      YESSSSS LIKE, DUDE YESSS. Its sooo good! XD

  8. Great job on your goals! This texts are HILARIOUS. xD