Thursday, March 23, 2017

7 Signs That Your Probably A Fangirl

Every girl has some sort of obsession. Whether it be a band or singer, group or an actor.....hee hee like Aidan Turner. *smirk smirk* For me, my obsession is you didn't know that already. 

  • You know everything about your obsession. The brand of hairspray they use, where they went to school, their favorite food, their height and whether or not they like A1 or Heinz 57 on their steak. YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.

  • Lets be real. You have a whole Pinterest board of photos and facts about your object. Baby photos.....the whole works. In a word your obsessed. 

  • Their name(s) automatically capitalize on your phone.

  • Your family rolls their eyes whenever they hear your obsessions name/names. My family knows whenever I mention "Collabro", they probably know they are in for a long ramble and zone off and just periodically say "uhhh huh...." uhhhh huh".

  • You have a shrine full of everything that relates to your object. Posters, framed photos, t-shirts, mugs, banners. 

  • You have 'fangirl attacks'. Symptoms include: crying/dying, flailing arms running around saying yeeessss or nooooooo repeatedly and high pitched screaming. 

  • Your screen saver is of your object, as well as your fb cover, instagram profile picture and google + background.

So maybe this post has no point. Maybe its stupid and boring, but I know every girl can relate to fangirl-ness. ADMIT IT. You all do it.  Plus, to be honest, I don't have anything else to post about right now, and what a way to ease the pain of bloggers block than to do a post full of gifs and bullet points, right?

What do you fangirl about?


  1. This post is really accurate!
    I do a lot of these things :-)

  2. Oh how fun! And so true man xD Fangirls as a whole is an elite society. We're the rubies that Proverbs talks about JKJKJK. Hahahaha. I actually fangirl about a variety of things.... like Disney (OF COURSE), Disney/Pixar, book fandoms, peanut butter, Jake Miller, Loki, pandas, my friends baby, and a lot of other things. i'm a coocooo xD Awesome post, love it!!

    Jazzy @

  3. I'm in sooo many fandoms lol! Hamilton, Newsies (actually basically any musical makes me nerd out), hunger games, narnia, divergent, Harry Potter, etc etc a bunch more I'm probably forgetting lol!


  4. I recently became a fangirl of various things. I don't know if I'm as (super) extreme as some of this, but I definitely shriek and sigh a lot when certain names get mentioned. xD


    audrey caylin

  5. Me everyday of my life. Haha! I even have LotR as my background on my PC right now, ya got me ;) I think Kell is tired of hearing me say "BUT KELL RELIENT K IS THE BEST BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!" or "BUT KELL JUST LISTEN TO THIS TWENTYONEPILOTS VERSE, UHG SO DEEP!"

  6. Some of this is me.
    Results: Unhealthy fangirling over Sherlock Holmes haha
    Fun post Clara!! <3

  7. I'm not a super hard-core fangirl, but this is still so relatable.
    I will forever be obsessed with LOTR and Downton Abbey, though. *inward flailing*

  8. THIS IS SO ME. Currently I'm fangirling hard over Beauty and the Beast and Stranger Things, and my brother (as my parents are usually busy watching National Geographic specials) just rolls his eyes over my fangirling obssessions. I'm sorry that I practically know everything behind the scenes, but hey, it could come in handy for trivia or fun facts. *flips hair on both sides*

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

  9. Umm....YES. Narnia currently, but there's also when I read the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy and began the appendices. I'm pretty sure I became unbearable there for a bit. :P
    Great post (and the gifs are spot on ;)!