Sunday, February 5, 2017

Why I Read ft. books are of vital importance to human existence + book list for 2017

“To read is to fly.” – A. C. Grayling

I love reading. It is always something I did for relaxation as a child, and still do as a teen.  Ever since I can remember, I have always been a night owl.  I would stay up late with my books and stuffed animals and read until 10pm; (which was like lllaaaattee when I was 9, k? Now I have advanced to 12 or even 1am) My mom even has a few photos of me asleep with a book still propped up by my hands. XD Reading has become a major part of my life, and something that is extremely important to me. It's something I'll be doing as an adult and as an old lady WITH THE LARGEST LIBRARY YOU'VE EVER SEEN (that is, if I marry a rich dude #everyreadersdream), tea, really warm slippers and cute reading glasses. Yessss.

1. Knowledge
Reading is a powerful tool. We can learn about the human race in such a magical way through books. We see the hate and also the love humans are capable of through books. Reading helps us deal with the issues of 'real life' by being able to put ourselves in a characters shoes and ask ourselves "what would I do if I was in their place?" Also, historical fiction is my favorite way of learning about history. It makes it so real for me. The only thing that stinks about a good quality hunk of historical fiction is you'll most likely make a lot of friends then the book ends, or even worse...they die...

2. Vocabulary Expansion
Who doesn't want to rattle off a sentence sounding like Jane Austen?! I know not a soul.
*british accent* "The person being gentleman or lady who has not pleasure in a good novel must be intolerably stupid." Yes, Yes, this is so awesome. When I read Shakesphere I always end up quoting it and rehearsing scenes, which results in awkward stares from my family and friends. Or I'll just randomly walk up to my bro and ramble about how amazing the book I'm reading is, and insist that he read it. The whole time he's like:

3. Better Writing/Plotting Skills 
Writing is great because when you read the author's word use and sentence structure slowly is engraved in your mind, which eventually gives you some knowledge of how to write sentences in a way that sound good on paper. Plus, after reading classic after classic you get a good feel for what literature cliches have been used one too many times and what things may be creative or different for a novel if you are planning on writing yourself.

4. Cheap and Portable Entertainment
You can take books everywhere. It's also super attractive to read in public. *raises eyebrows* Plus, books cost virtually nothing. You can find the nicest books at thrift stores or garage sales and duh, there's the library.  Like those are completely free. But I'm not always that smart. I have the tendency to, after reading a really, really, really, good book (like The Book Thief heehe) I will go out and buy it new, which might be a bit frivolous, but whatever.

5. Increases Your Ability To Dream Big
Books can broaden your horizons. They are super sly and find a way to worm into your soul which in turn, instills a constant desire to go places, like far away places. For me my dream is England. I have always wanted to visit the UK, and you can blame books for that longing. Books push you out of your comfort zone and give you the empowerment you need to do things you didn't think you were capable of doing. Basically books are amazing, and everyone should read them, cause they are of vital importance to human existence. And that's, that.

My book list for 2017 is quite light. I was going to do the 100 books in one year challenge, but I can't be reading two books  a week for 12 months straight, no way. I can't fit it into my schedule  as much as I would like to. But I am so excited about these books! I'm still finishing up Les Miserables and I am so excited to FINALLY BE DONE WITH THAT TORTUREOUS, HIDEOUS THING. It's taken me so long to finish it, and I have surrendered to the fact that in this one case the movie is better than the book. XD

To Serve Them All My Days- R.F Delderfield
The Importance of Being Ernest- Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
Secret Life of Bee's- Sue Monk Kidd
The Light Between Oceans- M.L Stedman
War and Peace- Leo Tolstoy
The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath
1984- George Orwell
A Separate Peace- John Knowles
A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens
Les Miserables- Victor Hugo
Like A River From Its Course- Kelli Stuart

Why do you read?
Whats on your 2017 reading list?


  1. Books do have the power to transform your imagination. They're also capable of making you feel feelings that just make you want to laugh, cry, and hug your pillow all at the same time. I really want to read The Bell Jar (because Sylvia Plath writes some amazing poetry and I want to read more of her work) but I'm kind nervous because it's a pretty grim book and reading heavy books can take a toll on my mental health. :(

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yesss, it sounds SOOO depressing, but really good, cause like you said, Syliva Plath is a wonderful writer<3

  2. HELLO YES I APPROVE OF THIS. Especially #3 because I've definitely experienced that one lately haha. :D The only books I've read on your list are A Tale of Two Cities (good but only the last third lol) and Les Miserables. (SAME THE MOVIE IS BETTER) But wow go you- tackling War and Peace I see. XD

    1. YESSSS, reading is just an amazing help for plotting and writing!
      Ohhh, yeah I've heard that A Tale of Two Cities is very slow....and boring, but it's another classic to add to my read list! XD Ugh, yes War and Peace! That thing is a brick, but the plot looks simply amazing!


    also I don't think I could read half of the books on your list like uuhhh no? YOURE JUST BRAVE and I'm like this whimpy reader lol!! and why do I read? BC IF I DIDNT I WOULD DIE

    the end.

    1. YESSS!
      Really?! I think you could....XD
      Exactly, yes we would die!!

  4. YAS! Reading is such a huge part of my life I just love it. This list is lovely 😍 You can do it! koodos to you for tackling some of these.

    1. Agreed! Thanks! I am nervous about War and Peace, but its such a great piece of literature, I just have to read it! XD

  5. dude some of these books are ... wow... props to you for even trying to tackle some of these (most of which I started reading and then gave up on lol)

    but seriously, your reasons are so true! Reading is the best. <3


    1. Really? Everyone seems to think they are soo hard! I guess I'll have to see! XD The only book I completely gave up on was The Illiad....that one was soooo weird. XD But thanks! And yes, reading is da best!

  6. The Picture of Dorian Grey is amazing! I highly recommend it, and good luck with your book-ish quest!

  7. I love this! and i need to read more classics for sure. I haven't read as many of them as i should. Im working on it though :)
    And we will of course all have a giant library. *nods* I'm working at mine *glances at shelves*

    1. OHHH YESS CLASSICS. I'm in love with Charles Dickens books, Jane Austen (of course lol), and I like a lot of classic poetry.
      REALLY?! YOU HAVE A GIANT LIBRARY?! I only have a few book cases. XD

  8. Reading is amazing. I mean, it's entertainment, but you get educated at the same time!

    I think I'm too spontaneous to plan what to read for a year. You list looks good though - I've heard of most of those books before, but never actually read them. So I'm eager to hear your thoughts on them as you read through. :) Good on you for attacking Les Miserables too! I'd like to read it some day, but I foresee it taking a lot of time.. is it worth it?

    1. I agree 100%! Books are just amazing!
      Well...Les Miserables is...uh...really really really really long. Its exactly 1,222 pages, and most likely the print is super small. Victor Hugo likes to ramble and he is very detailed. If you've ever seen the movie, I can tell you most of the book contains a whole lot of backstory. But it is a great accomplishment, and after you read it, you feel like you can do anything! XD

  9. Love this post! I read 1984 in February, and I definitely recommend it! I saw you holding Jane Eyre in one of the pictures; have you read it? I about a quarter of the way through. I'll definitely be referencing this list if I need a recommendation! Thanks!