Saturday, December 31, 2016

new resolutions for a new year

-take more walks

-write 30 minutes everyday

-go without sugar for two weeks out of the year

-get more sleep

-read 100 books

-connect with nature more

-smile more

-play all the songs in my les misrebles piano book by next december

-judge people less

-study more

-make new friends

-start a bullet journal

-learn a song on the guitar

-take one college class online

-finish les misrebles

-stand up for myself more

-don't let people run over me

-drink more water

-finish a novel for camp nano in july

-cook more

-get up earlier

-stop thinking about last year

-focus on today

-join a fitness group

-start a thankful jar

-save money

-send more handwritten letters

well, i'm off to eat homemade thai food and play lots of games and watch movies with my fam. i hope you all have a great new year!

lots a love,


  1. Awhhh, I love this so much! <3 Many of these are on my list as well -- walk more (kind of doubt that this will happen... but... eh. :P), send more handwritten letters (I've been gathering addresses of my friends and it's just a sweet thing to do. I just feel like little acts of kindness can really show someone how you care for them), read 100 books, and continue my bullet journal! Bullet journaling is so awesome. I hope you like it and maybe do a post on it? :D

    I hope your 2017 is the best year. <3

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Thanks, Katie! <3 Ohhh yes I saw your post on bullet journaling and I loved it! It looks so fun! I'll have to do a post:) Thanks for your sweet comment! I hope you have a great 2017 as well! <3

  2. Hey, Clara! Good luck on all your resolutions!! Totally want to read 100 books. I only read 63 this year, I think? Crazy.
    Well, I love you, dear, and I'm praying for you. Have a delightful time celebrating with those rambunctious cousins. :)
    In sisterly love,

    1. And for pity's sake...I forgot to say...
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D

    2. Awww, your so sweet, Grace! Thanks!

  3. Get more sleep? Yes. Except I think I may start this off terribly this year, because I probably won't be asleep until one and then there's church tomorrow... xD These are all such great goals, Clara, and I can't wait to see you accomplish them. Happy 2017!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yessss. I usually stay up till 12 or 1 in the morning, which isnt very healthy, so yes, totally gonna try to sleep more! XD
      Thanks, Morning! Happy 2017 to you as well<3

  4. Great resolutions! I hope you have a great 2017!

  5. omw girl look at all those goals!!!!!!!! I am sitting here like "oh..maybe I could get a bike and ride it way more often???"

    1. gahhh, well Julia, get your head in the game! XD

  6. I think that your "stop thinking last year" resolution is so important and that we should focus more on the future than the past :). I hope that you have the best 2017.
    Ranyel x

  7. I hope you make really good progress on these goals! WALKS. I love walks so much. When it's warm outside, I'll usually come home from school or work and just take a twenty minute I can talk to God and stuff. That is such a great goal. Also good luck on the "no sugar" for two weeks because bless your soul. I literally don't think I could do it. I have a friend who can't have sugar so maybe if I just lived with her for two weeks I could do it. But sugar. it's so good.

    Happy 2017! Can't wait to continue to read your blog this year!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Yes, walks are DA BEST

  8. These are all great goals, girlie!
    Kudos to you for the no-sugar for two weeks one. I could never do that. XD

    1. thanks, Jordan! Gahhh...I dont know how I'm gonna survive! XD

  9. WHOA YOU HAVE SO MANY GOALS THOUGH. O.O You go! I mostly just set vague-ish goals instead of concrete ones because it felt easier?? XD

    1. I probably won't complete all of them this year. XD I think I can tackle most of them. I'm just concerned about the no sugar. Thats gonna be tough....XD

  10. I hope that you rock these goals!! I know that you will. ;) I may have to borrow a few of them- they're great!!

  11. These are such fantastic goals, and a lot of them are very similar to mine! Especially finishing Les Miserables, I really need to get on that xD

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth!
      Ohhh yeah, its becoming a little terror. Its so hard to read and Hugo goes on, and on, and on about dumb things that don't even need to be put in, BUT I HAVE PROMISED I SHALL READ IT so I have to finish it. XD