Thursday, October 27, 2016

Book Review || Surviving The Angel of Death By Eva Kor

When my mom first mentioned this book to me, I was skeptical. "Yeah, yeah, another World War 2 book again." I thought. "Just the mentioning of Nazis, experiments," But something in me pushed me to pick up the book and start reading. When I got started, I couldn't put it down. I read the book in its entirety in 2 hours. Ive read dozens of books on the holocaust and watched several movies and documentaries about the topic, but I have never read anything like this book before. This review is hard to write, just as this book was exceptionally hard to read. Eva Kor's 150 paged account of her experience at Auschwitz was haunting, shocking, heartbreaking and, surprisingly it was extremely motivational. 

Eva was a fighter. She fought to save her own life as well as her twin sisters. She outsmarted authority, and lived to walk out of the gates of Auschwitz, alive, unlike most. She had a strong will and an amazing mental positivity which fed her fight for survival, which was amazing for a 10 year old girl. This book was eyeopening to the fact of the true horrors of Adolf Hitlers reign over German in the way of the concentration camps. For one thing, I knew about the gas chambers and the massive crematories, but I had never read about the experiments done on twins in the camps. The Nazis would conduct procedures on the one of the twins, injecting a deadly disease into their blood that would eventually kill them. Then they would kill the other twin, and preform autopsies on both bodies to compare the sick organs to the healthy. Eva and her sister where in all reality human guinea pigs....Eva being the one injected with the deadly disease. The doctors also experimented with changing eye color, hair color and even the sex of the child. This was horrifying to read about. Who could do such a thing to an innocent child? No one, and especially no 10 year old should have to go through something so awful. I would say this book is graphic, not because Eva Kor's descriptions are detailed and extensive, but just because of the facts stated in the book. For this reason I would not recommend this book to anyone younger than 15. Yet, when I got to the last page of the book, Eva turns her horrifying story into a motivating, inspiring take away for her readers, reaching out to those who have been hurt. In the end she forgave the Nazi's for all they did to her and so many others. I could never do that. She wrote that forgiveness is what freed her soul from all the anger she had held for so many years. For me, thats incredible to think about. I rate this book 5 stars.  It is defiantly a must read for everyone! To watch an interview with Eva Kor where she tells her life story click here

What I took away from this book: Recently, the whole Black Lives Matter promotion has escalated massively. People are constantly calling others racist, saying they are prejudice because of their skin color. They think they are fighting for peace, saying they are oppressed and abused, when they have never really known war. People today know nothing of what racist truly means. Hitler, killed Jews. He had them burned alive, gassed, hung...beaten. He did this to children. Children. Americans today, do not know what racist truly means. A lot of people joke around with the word "racist" which really annoys me, because its not something to be made fun of. I'm not against african americans or any race for that matter, but this really made me stop and think about what the word racist really means, rather than what todays world is saying. 

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