Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Tips For a Better School Year

1. Stay organized:
Plot out an organization system that will work best for you. I have a yearly planner with a handy calendar and a place to take notes for each day of the month. In the notes section, I create a personal checklist of things I need to get done that day, so I can mark them off as I complete them. I also keep a binder for each subject, where I can keep my essays, pencils, notebooks ect. I keep my binders and my school books all in a crate next to my desk, for easy put away. It also helps declutter your desk after doing school or homework. Don't let your desk get too messy. 

2. Create your own area: 
I'm homeschooled, so obviously I'm at home doing school, and I like to have a nice place that is my own, that I can make comfortable in my own way for doing my schoolwork. My special spot is at my desk in my room. I constantly have a cup of tea or coffee on my desk accompanied by my iPod, lotion, chocolate! I move around the house throughout the day. I'm on the computer, at the kitchen table, awkwardly sprawled out on the couch... but my desk is kind of like my home base, where I always know I'll be comfortable. 

3. Rest:
Being rested is key to being successful in school. Try to get homework done and get to bed at a decent hour, and remember....don't stay up too late! 

Even though there is that constant struggle...XD #reasonswhywedontsleep

4. Music:
Music can be a life saver! Music is the thing you go to when you have a bad day or need when you need a pick-me-up, its always there and its just plain amazing, okay? the Jane Eyre soundtrack, for me, is something I listen to every. stinking. day, cause its just so beautiful and it makes me feel like Jane Austen when I'm doing school. Classical music is also really good for studying or reading. 

5. Make time for YOU: 
The school year is such a busy time and we often forget to take the time to spend with ourselves. Take a walk once in a while, bake a cake, exercise or watch a movie with friends. Remember that you need to relax and that life isn't all about school. 

Note: *beebuhr's a loner. he has to hug himself*

I hope this post was helpful! Heres to a new school year of organization, and fun!



  1. *scrolls to number two...smirks*
    Good tips! :)

  2. Gosh THIS IS SO GOOD!!!


    it. is. die. worthy.

  3. This was really funny! Thanks for the tips! We started school the 12th. (:

  4. amen. I couldnt agree more. especially with number one. honestly I need to stay organized or else I fall apart. I usually have a planner, and this semester I dont, and Ive already had to completely wing a quiz and turn in homework I had done the night before. not good.
    also heck yes music. classical is amazing. Im getting so much more into that recently and I just love it for studying. so I dont get carried away singing the lyrics. lol

    1. You know, I kind of did that too last week! Xd I'm trying to be organized so I don't do that again!:p
      Yes, I agree!:)

  5. Those are great tips! Thanks! Music is the best for studying and other schoolwork. :)

    Have a great rest of your week!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  6. It's so important to not stay up late... although now I think it'l be harder for me to now that I've practically said I'm going to try watching two to three more shows also balancing Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon a Time. If these new shows are as good as people tell me they are, which I'm ninety percent sure they will be, then there's no way I'm getting any sleep.

    By the way, your desk sounds like GOALS. Any desk that has chocolate is GOALS. No matter what other adults tell me, chocolate is brain food-- no, it's soul food. It's one of the essential things that people need to at least indulge, if they don't like in (which there are people who sadly don't like chocolate)! :( It's quite saddening.

    xoxo Morning

    1. I have always wanted to watch Once Upon a Time. My friends tell me its amazing!
      I totally agree about the chocolate!<3

  7. Being in public school, I can agree that these tips can apply to anyone no matter what school...so thanks for making them relatable <3

  8. This post is awesome!! And I LOVED all the gifs. ;) Also, I just found your blog, and LOVE it!!! <3

  9. I'm a little late but these are really helpful reminders, thank you!