Saturday, February 13, 2016

the happy tag

tag first posted by jordy

-books: great expectations by charles dickens - the book thief by markus zusak - northanger abbey by jane austen - return of the king j.r.r tolkien - the nightingale by kristin hannah - mamas bank account by kathryn forbes 

-words: dreams - mountain - faith - ocean - believe - wistful - imagine 

-movies/ tv shows: mission impossible - lord of the rings - pride and prejudice - indiana jones- little women - dick van dike show - 

-songs: we'll meet again by vera lynn - the prayer by johnathan and charlotte - fly by maddie and tae - shoulders by king and country - day one by matthew west - what a wonderful world by louis armstrong - blackbird by the beatles - vivaldi's gloria - 

-sents: fall mornings - books - lavender candles - rain - fresh mint leaves - coffee - hay bails - homemade bread 

-miscellany: piano keys - the woods - dresses - emily dickenson - snowmen  - cellists - vintage bicycles - libraries - venice - basketball tournaments - cranberries- danny boy

i tag everyone, as well

have a wonderful valentines day <3



  1. Oh wow, this was great! :) I definitely want to try doing this award.

  2. This looks so, so fun! It would be so neat to do this!!! :)

  3. I love all of those scents! :D And I love Day One and Shoulders. :P