Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Which Little Women Character Are You?

1. Which word best describes you?
A. Mature
B. Tomboy
C. Innocent and shy
D. Dignified

2. What is your ideal pet?
A. A horse 
B. An exotic songbird
C. A little dog 
D. A kitten

3. Who would you like to marry?
A. A nice man with a steady job and income
B. Someone with a taste for adventure
C. I'm not ready for marriage
D. A Prince Charming

4. How often do you read your Bible?
A. Now and then
B. When I remember to
C. Everyday
D. I'm still working on that

5. In your spare time you:
A. Go shopping
B. Read
C. Sew or knit
D. Paint a picture or do a craft

6. Where do you go to school?
A. I'm actually a teacher
B. I don't go to school
C. I'm home-schooled
D. I go to public school

7. What are your friends like?
A. Mostly younger girls who look up to me
B. Mostly older girls who I look up to
C. I don't really have many friends outside of my family
D. Stuck up girls that I try to get to accept me

8. Suppose you got a love letter. What would you do?
A. Faint!
B. Go beat up whoever sent it to me. Its probably a joke, and its not funny!
C. Hide it
D. No one but my parents ever sends me love notes

9. Your character is:
A. Modest and feminine
B. Adventurous
C. Private
D. Bubbly

If you had mostly A's then you are:

Meg March: Meg is the  oldest of the March sisters. She is pretty, dutiful, virtuous, honest and very mature. Megs major flaw is her yearning for material wealth sense her family is poor. Meg is sensible and kind, although her role as the oldest sister can lead her to be a little bossy and overbearing at times, but she is loved and cherished by her sisters.

If you had mostly B's then you are: 
Jo March: Jo is a self-declared tomboy and the "man of the house" during her fathers absence. She is a brave, creative young girl with a talent for writing and a dramatic flair. She has trouble controlling her temper, and her attempts to do anything "ladylike" are an absolute failure, but she is a smart girl and a loyal friend. 

If you had mostly C's then you are:
Beth March: Beth is a shy, sweet-tempered, musically talented girl. She has a hard time trusting people outside her own family, but most people adore her, and once they've earned her trust is a lasting friendship. Beth is a devoted mother of a large collection of dolls and loves animals, but her greatest joy is playing the piano. Of her three sisters she is closest to Jo, to whom she is a calming influence.

If you had mostly D's you are: 
Amy March: Amy is the youngest March sister, and also the most pretentious! She envies her friends who are better off than her. She is always worrying about her looks (especially her nose) and clothes. She likes to be pampered. She has a tendency to use words inappropriately, often resulting hilariously! She looks up to Meg, whom she considers practically grown up, and wants to be just like her. Yes, she has her flaws, but is a fun loving and sweet girl.

Who I was:
I am Jo March. Really, I am exactly like her. Every bit of me is the very image of her. I was (and still am) a tomboy, I'm stubborn, I like to act and have a hard time controlling my temper at times:D And on # 8 I am totally the person who would go find the guy and give him a piece of my mind!

Who where you?
Did you enjoy the quiz? 
Would you like to see more 'which character are you' quizzes?
If so, what movies or books would you like me to make a quiz about?

Hope you enjoyed this y'all! Have a wonderful New Year!



  1. That was fun! I was Beth. :D I would love to see more of these! Did you make it up? Hm..How about little house on the Prairie characters from the t.v. series? That would be neat! You HAVE to do more of these!! :D

  2. I imagine you as a Beth, but please Sarah....don't die!!!!!!!!! Hmmm........I will have to do a Little House On The Prairie quiz! Good idea! Well, I took some other quiz on Buzzfeed or something and made it my own. Have a great New Year!

    1. Ohhh! ugh, why did you have to ruin it for me?! I like Beth, that was so sad! hahaa, good! :D Ooh, neat! :) Happy new year! :D

  3. What a cute quiz! I'm Beth! ;)


    1. Thats awesome, Jordy! We seem to be getting a lot of Beths! My mom is also a Beth! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  4. I'm Jo! I've always adored her -- such a fun survey! :)

  5. Yes, she has always been my favorite! Thanks for commenting!

  6. I'm Meg, which kinda makes sense because I am the oldest in my family! :D
    -Lauren ❤️

  7. Ha ha! I'm the oldest of my siblings to! My brothers say I can be a bit bossy sometimes:D

  8. I'm no one... yet everyone. :D I'm a bit of Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg. I actually got Amy more than the others. Which made no sense to me. I'm the oldest in my family and I'm a lot like Meg. I just like kittens rather than horses, and I like to draw. :) My family is a lot like the March family. I have three sisters and we all have similar personalities to the characters. This quiz was really fun to do even though I seem to have a lot of personalities. ;)
    I did a very similar quiz a while back but it was, "Which Bennet Sister Are You?". That might be fun to try out. :)