Monday, December 29, 2014

Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I love sauerkraut:)
2. I love jeans and comfy sweaters
3. I usually judge people to harshly, then later I regret it
4. I like binoculars
5. I wish my laugh was cute and bubbly, but instead it sounds like a hippopotamus having an asthma attack
6. Music describes my feelings
7. I have a weird sense of humor
8. I love Olive Garden breadsticks
9. I like to like the yogurt lids
10. I really don't like school
11. I adore opening packages
12. I get drowsy if someone plays with my hair
13. I ain't good at grammar :D
14. I'm stubborn
14. I wish my eyes could take pictures
15. I'm the daughter of the One True King
16. I'm proud of being a girl without an iPhone
17. I like to talk
18. I go to bed lllllaaaaatttttteeeeee!!!!!!!!
19. I love to laugh even though.....#5
20. I think roller coasters are awesome
21. I have phases where I read all month and then I don't want to read for a month :P
22. My mom use to call me 'Laura' when I was little. We would pretend we were Ma and Laura from Little House On The Prairie. We had such good times! :D
23. I want to travel all around the world some day
24. When I was little I was a tomboy and proud of it! I would seriously play football!
25. I love to ski
26. I like skirts
27. I passionately detest math
28. I'm spunky
29. I like to play duets with my brother piano/violin
30. My brother is my best friend
31. I like to ride bikes
32. I'm horrible at doing hair
33. I have pretty friends
34. I like poetry
35. My favorite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and my favorite series is The Prairie Legacy by Janette Oke
36. My parents are awesome
37. I like going sledding
38. I want to get back into volleyball
39. Dill pickles are amazing
40. I like adventurous movies like Mission Impossible and National Treasure


  1. hahaa, you sound fun. :) I loved #13. ;) and totalllyy #14! (I am in the middle of searching for a camera.. :P Awesome post! :D

  2. Thank you Sarah! You are so sweet! I'm a wacky person!

  3. whaaa? I didn't know #1! Haha!! And, I love your laugh. :) I love volleyball too! I wish we could get together and play.. :) Great list! I actually didn't know quite a few of these. :P

  4. Yeah, sauerkraut is great! Do you like it? I know! That would be so awesome! Thanks for commenting!

    1. I -love- sauerkraut, but Julia detests it!

    2. Thanks for your comment, Bree! Yeah!!!! Another sauerkraut lover! My mom and I are the only ones that like it in our family, and all my friends hate it! :D

  5. How late is late for you to go to bed? 😉 I usually go to bed by 11 during Christmas break and 10 during the school year.
    This is a nice list!
    My family used to play Little house on the prairie too! I think I was usually Mary because I'm the oldest in my family.
    We would create food and use in in our play house! Those were the good times.
    -Lauren ❤️

    1. We;;, a few months ago when I was reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, ( I was hooked of course) I would stay up 11-12:00, but on a normal night I go to be 10:00 like you:D Ha ha thats awesome, Mary! :D YEs, those were good times! Thanks for your sweet comment! They always brighten up my day!

  6. You sound like such a fun person!
    I enjoyed reading your facts! <3

  7. Thank you Jordy! I have really been enjoying reading your blog!

  8. Great list! I love reading about fellow bloggers. :-) I hate math too. :) Happy New year!!
    P.S Thank you for all the sweet, encouraging comments you've made on my blog! :-)

  9. I loved reading this post. :)

    xx Nicole Rose