Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY Homemade Raspberry Latte!

Fall is here! Its time for good books, crackling fires, tea, and cozy attire! Today I really wanted to do a diy post and my mom suggested I make a latte! Ive tried to make lattes a few time but it didnt turn out. Im so glad this one did! Hold on for this diy post on an awesome fall drink and maybe some exciting news at the end of the post! :)

Milk (about 1-1/2 cups)
Coffee beans (just enough to fill a cup or two)
Flavored syrup (any flavor, I used raspberry. 2Tbs)
This makes about 1-2 cups of latte. Lets break it down, shall we?

So first boil water for the coffee or just make a cup or two in your coffee maker. We have a french press coffee maker. Just make it strong like espresso! :) Yeah!

Heat up the milk, but don't burn it! Then put it in the blender to make it foamy. 

I'll give you my latte making story now. We lost our ring for our blender around the lid so I put a towel over it so milk didn't spill out the top or the bottom of the lid..........

Um.....yeah....fat chance! But at least some of the milk was saved and it turned out frothy and nice!
So, now that you have the coffee and milk all done, you are ready to put the latte together!

This is how Starbucks does it. So you just follow this picture. 

Add the syrup in the bottom of the cup.....

Add the coffee on top of the syrup....

And lastly the steamed/warmed milk! And cheerio! You've got your latte!

So my exciting news you say? Well, I just got a part in a BIG production of Beauty and the Beast where I live! I got the part of Madame de la Grande Bouche! You know the wardrobe? I have only seen the movie once and I don't remember it because it was a very long time ago! So my question for you guys is how does she act? I am trying to get a good idea of her character which is hard without remembering! :) Ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Mmmm! That looks really good! Hmm..I think that Madame de la Grande Bouche (yes..I copied that. haha) was a very motherly character. I remember her being wise and knowing the full story about the beast..but other than that I don't remember much else. Though, she was very sweet to Beauty (I mean Bell, right? Hahaa!) Congrats on the great roll in a play!!

    1. Thanks Julia! Yes, the it was good! And so easy! Hmm.....thank you! I have been trying to figure out how to say my lines. That helps a lot! Did you know Belle means beauty? I like just figured it out! :)

  2. This looks delicious. I really hope I get to try this. :)

    xx Nicole Rose

  3. Yumm!! =D Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie!! Madame de la Grande Bouche is sweet and sassy, but a little clumsy too. She's kinda a diva lol =) Great job on the latte! <3

  4. The wardrobe (Yes, I did not want to spell that name) has a lot of energy. She helps her through that tough time. She is a best friend to Belle. I think you would be great for that role. I am excited for you!