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Synopsis for my novel, Negative Time: 

Two orphaned sisters are thrown out into the unknown, with nothing but each other.
One boy chooses to break the rules. 
One man attempts to redeem his past. 
And one young astronomer discovers that we all are the same inside no matter what color we are on the outside. 

1945. Germany has been taken captive by the Soviets. Their cities lie in ruins, and the lives they once knew, seem to have vanished. But, a mist this time of pain and anger, Briella and Eve Fischer, two orphaned twin sisters, set out on a journey like no other, they have experienced. A quest in search of their freedom, and their dreams, in a time and place where both seem to be forgotten. They discover hope and redemption after a time in their life where all they had experienced had been hate and cruelty. They discover the value of friendship, family, the real meaning of love and the simplicity of humanity and compassion.

Snippets from my novel

Jump, Schneider!” an officer yelled from below.

It was Officer Heinz. His face raged a vibrant red up against his soft blonde hair underneath his black billed hat, as he yelled once again, “Schneider, jump!”

The ladder seemed to sway underneath Roman, who was standing on the top step, looking down at the large Nazi flag that was being held by four officers fifteen feet below the top of the ladder. Officer Heinz stood farther back from the flag observing the boys. Romans stomach churned, and he became dizzy. He looked back down below at the other boys. He spotted Rodger who stood, his arms crossed, his face holding an expression of one who thought himself braver than anyone. Some of the boys looked up at him, judgment pasted on their faces, a few gave him glances of sympathy, and others faces held nervousness and fear, for they knew it would be their turn soon to put their trust in the red flag with the swastika. 

For the last time, Schneider, JUMP!” The young officer screamed, his face turning a shade redder than before.

C'mon Roman. You can do this.” Roman sighed, closing his eyes. He clenched his teeth, and made his hands into fists. Roman elevated his right foot and stuck it out over the edge. He took a step out into thin air.


Alfred Briggs stood on the swaying bridge, his hands tightly gripping the discolored medal railing in front of him. His knuckles where white, and he clenched his teeth attempting to keep back his tears. He ran his hands through his gray hair, repeating the words, “I killed him, I killed him.” over and over again in his mind. The river rushed below him, and he only wished this feeling of guilt he had carried all day would wash away with the quick rushing water. He didn't know how he would deal with this his whole life. Sure, Alfred had killed other men before Hans Fischer. Death was no stranger to him. But this man was different. As his corporal pulled the trigger on his pistol, Alfred had seen so much on the mans face. Regret, love, fear of the unknown. Then after the cold, lead bullet had pierced his heart, he witnessed a peace in his eyes he had never seen before. He didn't deserve to die, no matter what their cause was, or what Hitler thought.

I shot that man. I killed that man.” These words repeated over and over in Alfred's mind. He ripped off his coat and threw it onto the well worn boards of the bridge. The dark, black swastika on his arm band fell so that it was in full view of Alfred. He kicked his coat over the edge of the bridge, and into the rushing water. The rapids took the coat under, and it disappeared. He thought of the twins. He saw their eyes full of innocent tears.

The faded pink sun, sunk behind purple mountains, and the man with the guilty conscience, still stood on the bridge, contemplating if he should jump into the rushing river below, or if he should walk back to town. Back to a lie? Or on to death? 

The gymnasium was gone. Bricks from the gym scattered the soggy earth, mixed with shingles from the roof of the school, and shattered pieces of glass from the windows. The oak tree that stood among small fur trees and birch, had been stripped of its branches, and a battered trunk stood towering above the people below. Its bark had been clawed off, and it bled sap.

Roman left the group. He needed time alone. He walked back into the lopsided building, still in a daze, and wondered if this was all a bad dream. He pinched himself, but he was awake, like he had suspected. He knew it wasn't a dream, no matter how hard his heart denied it.
All of a sudden Roman remembered his secrets. His bare feet quickened their walk into a run, his heart raced and he bounded though the crumbling wall. He rushed into the hall, to see Stewie sitting there in a daze, rubbing his eyes. The white haired boy searched for his glasses with the cracked lens, feeling about the floor with his hands. Roman continued to his dormitory. He rounded a corner, and turned into his room. There he met the face of Officer Heinz who was standing in the middle of the floor, among the wreckage. He held a leather bound sketch book with the words Roman Schneider embroidered on the cover, and held between his fingers, was a red pencil.  The officer looked up to meet the face of the boy, still in his white nightshirt. Roman's heart dropped.


Eve lay in the bed she shared with Bri. The heat from Briella's body, warmed Eve until she couldn't take it anymore. She felt her sleeping sisters forehead. She had a fever, and her temperature was high. Sweat droplets freckled her face and neck, and ran down onto the sheets and pillowcase. She needed water.

Eve stepped out of bed, the mattress coils creaked as she did. She swept her unruly blonde cowlick behind her ear, and out of her eyes. Eve padded quietly to the window so not to wake Mara and Iris, their roommates, from their sleep. She knew she couldn't go downstairs, for she would awake the sisters. Her only chance was to escape out the window, and down to the well. Eve pushed the fluttering curtains aside, and placed her hands on the window sill. She looked down the brick side of the building where a trellis with growing ivy vines was securely fastened to the brick wall. With adventure in her eyes, Eve swung her legs out the window.


  1. Your novel sounds amazing!!! I love WWII novels. :D

  2. This seems so neat! As soon as I saw the collage I fell in love with it. And that summary was just outstanding -- it got me so captivated! I cannot wait to read more, I'll be waiting in agony. :D

    Amelia xxx

    1. Also, those snippets were so intriguing. Your writing style has the rare talent of immediately sucking the reader straight into to the story. All the descriptions made me feel as if I was there, especially because each new peak was from a different character's point of view. The one about the man (is he a solider for Hitler?) especially made me feel very empathetic, and I could practically feel the guilt swirling inside me. That takes skill.

      ONCE MORE,
      Amelia xxx