Thursday, August 24, 2017

COLLEGE + Anne of Avonlea + Kayaking + Sunrise Hike + Pretty Pictures (#GoodbyeSummer)

Anne had a long meditation at her window that night. Joy and regret struggled together in her heart. She had come at last. . .suddenly and unexpectedly. . .to the bend in the road; and college was around it, with a hundred rainbow hopes and visions; but Anne realized as well that when she rounded that curve she must leave many sweet things behind. . . all the little simple duties and interests which had grown so dear to her in the last two years and which she had glorified into beauty and delight by the enthusiasm she had put into them. She must give up her school. . . and she loved every one of her pupils, even the stupid and naughty ones. The mere thought of Paul Irving made her wonder if Redmond were such a name to conjure with after all.
"I've put out a lot of little roots these two years," Anne told the moon, "and when I'm pulled up they're going to hurt a great deal. But it's best to go, I think, and, as Marilla says, there's no good reason why I shouldn't. I must get out all my ambitions and dust them."
-Anne of Avonlea Chapter 26-

Gosh, college has arrived rather quickly. It seemed, at the beginning of summer, that it would take a lifetime, but its here and there's no avoiding it. I'm scared. Terrified actually. But I'm not alone. Its comforting to me to read books like Anne of Avonlea, and watch movies like The Waltons, because I get to see Anne and Johnboy going through the exact same things I am going through, and its nice to have a friend through it all. (Even though they might be fictional.) 

Anyways, I've had a lovely summer. I went to the fair with friends, took a family road trip to a ghost town with my family, went rafting and kayaking on a river, scaled a mountain at sunrise, went target practicing with my dad, read books, watched all my favorite childhood movies and tv series, drank tea, packed and re-packed for college, slept in, got my hair cut super short, worked on my novel and  had lots of coffee with friends at Barnes and Nobles. Its hard to leave my friends and family, my home town and all the childhood memories I have. I wish I could just hold onto them forever and ever. But the reality is, I can't. It's all going to be hard for sure, and I know I'm going to cry a lot, but I'm excited at the same time. 

My favorite thing this summer would probably have to be the sunrise hike I went on with my mom, grandma, aunt and cousins. We got up at 4:30 in the morning and drove up to the trail head and hiked until sunrise. By that time we were at the very top of a majestic mountain overlooking lakes, surrounding towns and dark, mighty mountains with the sun shining out behind them. It is something I will remember forever, as long as I live.

I suppose I should talk about how my blog is going to change. I will probably not be posting quite as often as I have in the past, just because, ya know, #collegelife heheh, but I plan to post every once in a while, because I love blogging and writing, and I don't want to give it up completely. Also, some pretty big thoughts and plans have been circulating around in my brain for a few weeks now, about how I would like to change the direction, and over all topic of my blog, but I will keep you in suspense, until I actually plan to take action and do it, but now is just not the right time with getting use to college life, away from home. But you might want to stay tuned, just the same. 

This kind of turned out to be a random/lots of little bits of info/quickly thrown together post, but whatever. Enjoy the rest of your summer, peeps! <3



  1. Your summer sounds so fun <3 the pictures definitely make it look fun ;) Glad you had a good summer and praying for your school year!!


  2. Alllll those pictures. ACK. They're absolutely gorgeous. <3 <3

  3. I hope college goes wonderfully for you, Clara!

  4. Ok your blog is so pretty. I am never going to get pass that. Also those photos are so pretty!

  5. Keep updating us on how college is going! I am so excited for all the bloggers who are going to college and taking the next steps in their lives. Summer seems like it was a lot of fun for you! The sunrise hike sounds super pretty! Jealous of all this good stuff!

  6. Wow, those photos, and that quote, and all your summer memories. I hope this bend in your journey leads to many more happy memories. Stay strong! xx

  7. I love those pictures - gorgeous!

  8. That's so exciting, Clara! I'm so happy for you. And your summer sounds amazing. You got this, girl!

  9. aww, we are gonna miss you around here (although I'm sure I'll hear a lot from Ju haha) you'll do super in college, I'll be praying for you! <33

  10. this post is SO aesthetically pleasing I LOVE IT.
    long summers are the best. but here's to everything new!
    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog

  11. beautiful photos!
    i especially love the picture of the bed! so gorgeous!
    be blessed!

  12. Your Photos are so beautiful!!! I love your blog! <3


  13. Hey! It's been a while. Hope your doing good! I'm think of you<3

  14. your photos spoke such beauty. thanks for sharing. <3