Saturday, May 27, 2017

#May2017 ft. A year ago I was in NYC + graduation + 100 followers! + ironing my clothes with a hair straightener

Awesome Stuff

  • I can't believe that exactly a year ago, I was in NYC singing in Carnagie Hall! See photos from my trip here and here. Good times, good times. 
  • Bringing my math grade up *whispers* right at the end of the year! Sooooo happy guys! 
  •  I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! *SCREAMS* #homeschoolersrock
  • Getting fully recovered from NaNo and starting to work on my novel again! Its such an awesome feeling! 
  • I REACHED MY GOAL OF 100 FOLLOWERS! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Thank you all for reading my blog, and supporting me! A giveaway coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, I would just like to thank my 100th follower, Anika! Go check her out! She has a great blog and even sells children's books on Amazon! 
  • Preformed in a graduation recital with two other graduates, and had a blast! 

  • Going to all my friends grad parties. So proud of y'all!
  • My room re-do! Check it out here!
  • Getting excited about being a college girl in the fall, making a school supplies list, going clothes shopping and creating a summer bucket list! 
  • Orange creamsicles. Best creation since toasted bread. 

Not-so-awesome Stuff
  • I was washed my bedding, and was taking it out of the washer and putting it in the dryer when I realized that I forgot to put soap in before they got washed. *face palm* *puts bedding back in the washer with soap* *thinks about all that wasted water* 
  • When I realize that this is soooo me: 

  • That last bit of school you have to get done before summer break, and you just wanna burn up all your books and be finished. 
  • Trying to get out of the car when the 90 mile an hour wind is blowing the door shut. 
Awkward/Weird Stuff
  • Being in a hurry to get out the door, and straightening the hem of my jean skirt (that won't lay flat) with my hair straightener. Some times I worry about my mental health.
  • Julia convinced me to get this stupid mug while I was out shopping.... XD 

  • Pulling up to the coffee shop window in my truck and pushing on the super sensitive brakes *jerks to a stop* then realizing I'm not close enough and letting off the brake, *jerks forward* and repeating the whole process, while the barista just looks at me like "get it together, girl..."
  • When people give you complements and you don't know what to say. 
  • I found these authentic wooden shoes from Holland at a thrift store. I was shocked at the fact that people actually wear wooden shoes. (like omw that would hurt soooo bad) The shoes had an actual shoe size in them, so they were obviously boughten to be worn. Owwwww. Julia: "AND THEY DANCED IN THOSE DUDE"

  • When you try high-fiving someone and they don't notice. 
  • When the radio and a/c my truck is broken, and the only station that works is one that plays classical music. So I'm at a stop light with the windows rolled down (cause there is no a/c) with my classical music playing. *glares from people in cars* I just have to be that girl, don't I? XD But its kind of fun being odd sometimes. lol
  • When a kid is honest about your appearance: Other people: "Awww your so adorable!" Little kid: "You look terrible." 
  • Idk if anyone else does this, but when I'm about to order food or coffee or whatever, I rehearse what I'm going to say in my head, and when I get up there, I get super nervous and I don't say what I was originally going to say. Instead I usually say something stupid....or its totally obvious that I'm nervous, and its awkward all around for everyone. 
  • Realizing I say like 3/4 of these words.... 
April Faves

Julia spoke da truth
Audrey wrote a great post on why every writer should be a beta reader
Mary's characters in this short story are the best!
Micaiah's post about her mom was sooo sweet!
Sarah talked about enjoying the journey
Jonathan made me laugh because all these things are sooo relatable
Randy's poem gave me the feeeelllllzzz
Anika gathered a lovely list of books you should add to your summer TBR

Writing Stuff

Heres another snippet from my novel, Negative Time:

Roman Schneider April 1944

Sometimes the smallest coffins are the heaviest.

That is what my mother told me after my sister went to heaven. She was only a few days old. I remember the very first time I saw her. She came out all bloody, and wiggly. She was smaller than my 9 year old brain imagined her to be, but looking back on it, she was small even for an adults imagination. My grandfather told me, she had been born too early, and I remember my father placing a small wooden coffin in a shallow grave next to the river, on that cold November morning. My mother was so weak after the birth, and died not long after my sister did, and my father, not long after her. In all rash honesty, he killed himself. Suicide. The very next day after her death. My aunt said he couldn't take it anymore. Too much pain. The image that would haunt me forever was coming home from school, to find my papa. He had hung himself in the doorway. One of his shoes had fell to the floor. His eyes where open, his body swayed in midair. I was told myself that day that he never really did love me. He wouldn't have done that if he loved me. I'm starting to believe no body in the whole wide world loves me at all. They all left me. My papa, mama and sister left me, and now aunt and uncle have deserted me at this horrid school. My mother had always told me that no matter what people around me did, God always would love me, but I am starting to question that, or if its true at all. We went to church my whole childhood, but after she died, I don't go anymore. Maybe I should have, just for her. Its funny what we believe about ourselves and God. Regardless of the many times we hear about God loving us, it doesn't really sink in. Well, at least for me, it hasn't. 


*awkward laughing* Well, I don't really wanna talk about goals, cause I didn't finish any of them.... I have been so swamped with graduation and my grad piano recital that I really didn't get time to do all that I wanted to accomplish. BUT, I did read more this month despite all the business of graduation! And I've started making a list of books for summer (since I have nothing else to do), so if you guys have any recommendations, just drop them down in the comments! Ohh, and btw, go read my review of The Outsiders if you want. Its my new fav book...and it will CHANGE YO LIFE. Its the most amazing book I've read it a long, long time. 

Goals For June
  • Get together with friends I haven't seen in a while.
  • Go walking more.
  • Bake a really weird fancy french desert.
  • Make homemade ice-cream with my siblings. 

Pretty much this month was awesome, (I'm soooooo glad to be DONE with school) and I'm looking forward to June! Summer + no school = awesome. Rock on!



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  2. Loved this post!! CONGRATS ON GRADUATING :D That's the best ever <33 Also yay for 100 followers! Now for 200 xD


    1. AWWWWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTUMN! Yes, now onto 200! XD


  3. congrats for those 100 followers!!!
    your blog is greaaaat

  4. Ooh you have good taste in books! Congrats on 100 followers and also on graduating! I'm also a homeschool grad this spring :)


    1. Awww, thanks, Hailey! Ohhh congrats to you as well on graduating!!! <3<3<3

  5. OMW OUR TEXTS IM LAUGHING SO HARD this post is good <3

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  6. Congrats on a 100 followers!
    Your texts with Julia are hilarious :-)

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  7. Oh my goodness that mug just made me die xD

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