Wednesday, May 10, 2017

be proud of this.

stop pretending life doesn't terrify you.
because it does.
its unpredictable.
its new.
its unknown.

but take a moment, and look backwards for awhile,
and marvel at your life.
at the suffering that strengthened you,
the joy that fulfilled you
the grief that softened you.
and notice that despite everything
you still grow.
and will grow.
be proud of this.


In honor of Mothers Day, my mom and I will be doing a Q&A right here on the blog, so leave your questions for us down below! They can be random, weird, silly or questions about us personally, our dislikes or likes, ect. The more hilarious the better!



  1. First of all. This poem you have written pretty sums up my life. I'm scared but I chose to keep growing and learning.

    Oh what fun! Questions...
    -what is your favorite memory together?
    -Loving nickname your mom has for you (ex. My mom calls me her love in Spanish. Mi amor)
    - What's A habit that you and your mother share?

    1. Thanks for the questions, Vanessa! <3

  2. I love the poem! You described my feelings perfectly!
    And the fact that you're doing a Q&A with your mom is genius - I love it and someday I just might steal your idea. ;)
    Questions for you and your mom:
    1. What does your relationship look like? Sadly, a lot of moms and daughters don't get along and I love seeing girls and ladies who actually show their love for each other!
    2. What is your favorite mothers day memory?

    1. AWWW thank you Kara! And thanks for all the wonderful questions! <3

  3. What a fun idea, Clara!

    1) earliest memory of your mother
    2) favorite thing to do together
    3) can you both make a taco tongue ('cause I cant LOL)
    4) who washes dishes the most :P

    1. Hey, Maddy! Thanks!
      Awesome questions! I'm so excited to answer these! <3