Thursday, March 30, 2017


-March came in that winter like the meekest and mildest of lambs, bringing days that were crisp and golden and tingling, each followed by a frosty pink twilight which gradually lost itself in an elfland of moonshine. - L.M Montgomery 

Awesome Stuff 

  • Collabro's new CD 'Home' was released in the US in the 25th! *WHY WAS THAT NOT IN CAPS?* I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO IT NON STOP. LITERALLY. *FANGIRLS FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER* ^^^^ 
  • My mom and her siblings organized a surprise birthday party for my grandma who turned 80 this year! Happy Birthday, Grandma! Love you!
  • I bought my dress for prom at Ross for $40!
  • Learning and playing my grandmas favorite song, Moonlight Sonata, for her birthday.
  • Visiting my aunt and uncles farm. 
  • Went out on a lovely coffee date with my wonderful mother.

  • Got my graduation cap and gown! Guys I am freaking out about being a grad!
  • Got a new laptop for college, and learning how to use it. 
  • Going to Hobby Lobby. Always awesome
  • Seeing a photo of this 2 year old little girl who looks EXACTLY like Ed Sheeran. Poor. Little. Girl. like, ewwwwwwwww *shakes head* *laughs sarcastically at all Ed Sheeran fans* jk jk jk jk jk *dodges pitchforks* 

  • Getting ready for NaNo! So excited!
  • Did a fashion photoshoot with my aunt.
  • Okay, so I am a professional stalker of Collabro, (like you guys didn't know that already) and I was reading their Twitter page the other day and look what I found...... Yes, they went to THE Ellen's Stardust Diner (with the singing waitstaff) in NYC WHICH WAS WHERE I ATE WHEN I WAS IN NYC TO SING IN CARNIGIE HALL WITH MY CHOIR! OMW, LIKE HOW. COOL. IS. DAT?!?

Not-So-Awesome Stuff

  • Wanting to sing in the car, but you have a broken radio.
  • Not practicing piano enough, and catching up on a ton in one day. grrrr 
  • Not reading any books this month. *blocks blows from all the other book people out there who read like 1000,000,000 books a month
  • Finishing the last three episodes of Poldark on a Monday morning at 1:30 am, and knowing that I have to wait 4-ever until season 3 comes out. 

 Awkward Stuff

  • Crying over the latest When Calls The Heart episode, and wondering why I was even crying cause the show is the cheesiest thing on earth. But guys, this episode was pretty darn good, and sooooo much better than past episodes. 
  • Tripping on the stairs. #soawkward
  • Going into a gas station, and being asked if I play the lottery. The guy was trying to sell me a ticket or something, I guess. Guy at the counter: "Do you play the lottery?" Me: "Uhhhh...dude, I'm only like 16. How old do you think I am?????" Dude: "Ohhhhhhhhhh, so sorry!!"

March Faves

Dear Writer, Hows Your Testimony - by Jonathan @ Fishing 4 Ideas
Spring Gives Me Weird Feelings IDK. - by Randy @ Wake Me Up 
24 Post Ideas  - by Autumn @ Autumn's Readings & Writings
Surprising Myself  - by Vanessa @ Simply Me 
To My Fellow Dreamers - by Audrey @ Audrey Caitlyn
How To Let Go of Regretted, Embarrassing Things - by Abigail @ Ups and Downs
We're All Searching - by Kara @ Saved By Grace

Goals From March Completed

1. Read three books
So, as I said earlier ^, this did not get completed.

2. Write 8 posts this month
Yeeeahhh, so this didn't happen either. I think I posted like 4???

3. Drink 2 liters of water everyday
So I didn't exactly track this, but I have been drinking a lot more water, and being more conscious about how much I need to drink to stay hydrated.

4. Make a point to keep writing at night
Yes. Like one of the only things I completed! I have been writing every night, just to practice, and its been great and very rewarding! I have a ton of poems stocked up for when I have nothing to post! XD

Goals For April
  • Read one book?
  • Get done with science for the year
  • Practice piano more
  • Finish the abs challenge & work out


Soooo the other day, Taryn came over to hang out and we did The Whisper Youtube Challenge for you guys! Its pretty hilarious. Be sure to watch till the end! #dannyismyfavoritepartoflorance #singletater #ilaughedwaytoomuch

What where some highlights of the month of March for you?


Thursday, March 23, 2017

7 Signs That Your Probably A Fangirl

Every girl has some sort of obsession. Whether it be a band or singer, group or an actor.....hee hee like Aidan Turner. *smirk smirk* For me, my obsession is you didn't know that already. 

  • You know everything about your obsession. The brand of hairspray they use, where they went to school, their favorite food, their height and whether or not they like A1 or Heinz 57 on their steak. YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.

  • Lets be real. You have a whole Pinterest board of photos and facts about your object. Baby photos.....the whole works. In a word your obsessed. 

  • Their name(s) automatically capitalize on your phone.

  • Your family rolls their eyes whenever they hear your obsessions name/names. My family knows whenever I mention "Collabro", they probably know they are in for a long ramble and zone off and just periodically say "uhhh huh...." uhhhh huh".

  • You have a shrine full of everything that relates to your object. Posters, framed photos, t-shirts, mugs, banners. 

  • You have 'fangirl attacks'. Symptoms include: crying/dying, flailing arms running around saying yeeessss or nooooooo repeatedly and high pitched screaming. 

  • Your screen saver is of your object, as well as your fb cover, instagram profile picture and google + background.

So maybe this post has no point. Maybe its stupid and boring, but I know every girl can relate to fangirl-ness. ADMIT IT. You all do it.  Plus, to be honest, I don't have anything else to post about right now, and what a way to ease the pain of bloggers block than to do a post full of gifs and bullet points, right?

What do you fangirl about?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

we live in a beautiful world

we live in a beautiful world.
we live in a place of peace, and faith and joy...
with words, and music and life, and memories.
we live in a world where the sun shines, and the rain falls
where things grow and things live and love and breath.
we live in a beautiful world, because life is present, 
and what a wonderful feeling it is
to be alive

inspired by the giver, and by julia's poem where she informed us that its national poetry day
*freaks out, runs to the computer, writes random poem* 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#February2017 ft. Collabro, Science, Basketball & Coffee

Wasn't I just complaining that January and February were going by so incredibly slow??? March is here, apparently, and I'm just laughing cause I don't quite believe it. 

Posts From February

Awesome Stuff

  • Finished Les Miserables! Finally!
  • Collabro's new cd, HOME, release date for this Friday #quethefangirling

  • Getting a "massive" paycheck
  • Going to coffee with a friend
  • Being in a talent show for the first time 
  • Passing a science test
  • Trip planning for spring
  • Freaking out and being excited, all at the same time about college 
  • Late night talks with my mom
  • Going to watch basket ball tournaments with friends
  • Following the Collabro radio tour on Facebook

Not-So-Awesome Stuff
  • Getting sick 
  • Waiting, waiting for two long months for Home's release 
  • Not remembering my password for Pinterest
  • Running out of earl grey and black tea 
  • Slippery roads 

Random /Awkward Stuff 

  • Guys, Julia is awesome, and we have the most random conversations ever. I love it and its the best.
  • My brother asked me, as I was washing my hair in the sink, what conditioner was for. I told him that it makes your hair soft, and he seemed confused, why I needed it, so I told him it was like lotion for your hair, then he seemed to understand the concept. XD Now, he is always going around calling soap, hair lotion.....
  • Sending a letter to my fav celebrity.
  • A random obsession with Cheez-its that my co-worker and I have when we close the store together on Tuesdays.

  • Paying for stuff at the grocery store with all change, and the awkward stares you get from the cashier, like "really? I have to count all this???"  
  • Running to my truck out of the library when I saw that I didn't turn off my headlights again, and the battery might be dead. Of course the meter-man dude was strolling around and gave me this weird look as I ran all over the parking lot, and rummaged for my keys in the bottom of my book bag.  

February Faves 
What I Learned From My Alpha Reader- by Audrey Caylin
My Problem With Wanting To Be Good- by Naomi Sarah
Why You Should Write Letters To Your Future Husband- by Lauren
Hide and Seek- by Aaliyah
My Valentine- by Julia
Its Ok, Not To Be Ok- by Kara Lynn

Goals From February

Finish playing Moonlight Sonata by the end of the month 
Okay, so this didn't happen....I still have half the song left.

Start the 21 day abs challenge that Julia sent me
I am half way through this!

Read two books
I finished Les Miserables, and read The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath.

Get my senior photo cards finished
I got them done, and all ready to send out! Yay! 

Finish plotting my entire novel
Guys, plotting is hard, and I am feeling so uninspired. Plan B, is to just start writing when Camp NaNo starts and see what happens! I'm thinking about the title Negative Time for my novel.... I don't even know what its gonna be about yet, but I have bits and pieces put together. I'll eventually figure it out. 

Focus on catching up on science

Write 10 posts in a month 
hee hee, no this did not happen. I think I only made it to 7?

2 days without makeup 
I did this! I chose to do this on the days that I didn't leave the house. XD

Goals For March
  • Read 3 books.
  • Write 8 posts this month.
  • Drink 2 liters of water everyday.
  • Make a point to keep writing at night.

Have a lovely March, y'all!