Friday, January 13, 2017

'Sup With Clara || ACT Testing || Collabro: Recent Obsession

eating/ drinking || tacos, lemon infused water, candy canes, pasta

reading || les misrebles (yusss.) north and south, random ww1 non-fiction, ACT study books *shudders*, edgar allen poe and louis borges poetry

listening|| thinking out loud cover by collabro, a thousand years sung by collabro, stars by collabro, somewhere only we know by collabro and let her go by collabro. can you tell I'm obsessed with collabro? #fangirl *flails around room, dies, then revives to finish this post* 

watching || britans got talent, historical pbs videos about the construction of westminster abbey, mcgyver, sing, rogue one, diagnosis murder, old re-runs of the twilight zone and perry mason

writing || 30 minutes everyday and at the end of the year, I'll have a big collection of random poetry and other stuff, this post obviously, random scenes for my novel, a history essay

working on || school *cringes*, editing my Q&A video! (coming soon!), writing a letter to a faithful pen pal, dreaded math homework, practicing piano....and those horrid scales 

smelling || homemade lazanga, peppermint essential oil, pine bows, wood smoke

wearing || skinny jeans, infinity scarf, fuzzy socks, slippers

thinking || about random things, the romance and historical angles of my novel, how much i love my bestie, thinking about tomorrow, how cool of a mom and dad i have, senior photos

excited || *screams* I AM SO THRILLED THAT COLLABRO ^^^ IS RELEASING THEIR NEW ALBUM, HOME, NEXT MONTH!!! GAHHHHH *takes deep breaths* (okay, okay enough about collabro. i'll stop. excuse the obsession), trying a new brand of black tea i got yesterday, going sledding, talent show auditions tomorrow where I will be playing the piano for one act and my bro and i will be singing for another

Okay, yes you have probably noticed that I have a dead on serious obsession with Collabro. ^^^^^ Like I've ordered their two CD's and have already pre-ordered their new one. But seriously, go check them out! #getreadyforawesomeness EPPPPPP.... *runs around room with headphones singing All Of Me* *calms down* Lifes been pretty slow, like its January, then Feburary which is even more dull, and I have to find things to keep my mind off it. XD I'm also preparing for the ACT. All I can say is pray for me. I am so nervous! I'm studying online as well as taking a prep class with a few other kids. Any advise from those of you who have already taken the test??

And btw, keep an eye out for the Q&A video coming soon! 

So whats going on with you all?
Have you gone sledding yet this winter?
What is your trick for keeping busy throughout the slow winter months?


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun :D


  2. You will do wonderful on the ACT, keep thinking positively! I am going to have to check out that obsession on yours and see what all the rage is about! (; Can not wait for your Q&A I love watching those.

    1. Aww thanks Vanessa for the encouragement! OHHH YES DO! GO CHECK THEM OUT! GAHH they are just so adorable and they sing like AAAMMMAAZZIING

  3. After reading this post, I definitely need to check out Collabro! I love listening to covers, so I think that I'll like them.
    You'll do amazing on the ACT. Don't stress out too much about it, just keep on doing practice tests and stuff, as they really do help you prepare. Good luck!
    I'm looking forward to the Q&A!

    1. Ohhh yes Collabro is just pure perfection! Thanks!!

  4. I know of Collabro, but I never really listened to them, so that's definitely on my to-do list.

    Don't stress out so much about the ACT. I am sure you will be fine, just keep an optimistic head on and all shall fall into place. *hands you optimistic party hat*. Good luck!

      Aww thanks! Your so sweet, Sunset!

  5. I just took mine in November, and man, i was stressed before I took it, but it wasn't that bad. So when I know exactly how you feel. *gives encouraging hug*
    Pray a lot, and those study books help a lot too. I don't know if you have a particular weakness, but mine is math, so when my practice grades were down, I was tutored a couple times. Take lots of practice tests. Online and in the books. As many as you can get. That helped me so much, and when I went to take my actual ACT, I was pretty calm because I was familiar with the format of the test. Make sure you are good with the time, and when you aren't, fill in everything. If you are only part way thru the test and only have a couple minutes left, fill in all the leftover circles. There is no deduction if it's a wrong answer.
    Bring a snack or something for the break.
    So yeah. Don't stress too much. I just trusted in God and studied hard.

    Excited for your Q&A video! I've been thinking about doing one, but we'll see XP

    1. OMW. Your comment was. so. encouraging! I will just have to keep reading this over and over! Its such a comfort to hear advise from someone who has already taken it<3<3<3 You should to a Q&A! That would be so cool!

  6. Lovely blog post, Clara!

    I am also preparing for the ACT test, which I'll be taking in February. I am so nervous as well! I'm sure that you will do great though!

  7. Oops, the computer was logged in with my moms account, sorry! That comment was by me. ; )


  8. Replies
    1. *says yes bc Collabro is a good reason to die*

  9. Oooh, I hope you do well on the ACT! I know a few people who took that, and a few of my friends are preparing for the SAT, so what fun! lol BUT YOU GOT THIS GIRL.

    EEEEP can't wait for the Q&A!

  10. I am so pumped for this q&a that I will have to bring water pumps to douse out the amazing flames that are going to explode behind you as you walk on looking epic as ever. xD You're taking the ACT? I don't know what test I'm taking, but right now, I'm mainly focusing on the SAT until my scores say otherwise. *sighs* Growing up is stressful.

    xoxo Morning

    1. AWW your so sweet! Ha ha!
      Yeah I'm taking the ACT and I'm stressing out like crazy... XD

  11. I love posts like these so much! Ugh I'm trying to avoid thinking about the ACT. Sigh.