Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#January2017 || 11 Months Till 2018

January 2017. You have come so fast. I am constantly amazed how fast time flies! 11 Months till 2018. 8 months till college. 4 months till summer!

Top 4 Posts of January

Awesome Stuff

  • Texted my bestie weird fun facts
  • Tricked my mom into thinking I had typhoid, by coughing up red food coloring. Her face was priceless. #worthamillionbucks

  • Joined the Young Writers Workshop created by The Rebellution
  • Ordered a Collabro calendar and preordered their new out coming CD, Home
  • Discovered an awesome show called Mercy Street. Best thing evar
  • Senior photoshoot with Ashlyn
  • Andrew Staupe concert and master class
  • Watched Hidden Figures in the theatre
  • Reached page 1,000 in Les Mis!! Only 222 to go! Whoop!
  • Started reading Macbeth


  • Ran over a mailbox. Ops... Don't ask. *growls*
  • Failed a math quiz *palm to face*
  • Attempted  to make pancakes without eggs. I tried mayo instead and lets just say that didn't work  *shakes head* 

  • Lost the camera card, but I found it, thankfully
  • Choosing to sleep in and being the last one to take a shower on a Sunday morning. I bet you can guess how rotten that was *dang*
  • Lost one of my character Pinterest boards

January Faves From The Bloggin' World 

for me but maybe for you- written by Katie @ The Goodness Revolt
DIY my bullet journal- written by Julia @ The Barefoot Gal
playing by the rules- written by Kara @ Saved By Grace
20 ways to be a better sibling- written by Vanessa @ Simply Me
favorite period drama soundtracks- written by Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts
what type of writer are you- written by Sarah @ The Introverted Extrovert
transcendetalism vs. the bible- written by Jonathan @ Fishing For Ideas

Goals For February
  • Finish playing Moonlight Sonata by the end of the month 
  • Start the 21 day abs challenge that Julia sent me
  • Read two books
  • Get my senior photo cards finished
  • Finish plotting my entire novel
  • Focus on catching up on science
  • Write 10 posts in a month 
  • 2 days without makeup (post?) 
How was your month?


  1. OKAY SO YES. Young Writer's Workshop- I really want to do it!! :D Still sorta torn though haha.

      Its going on during Camp NaNo, so I'm hoping it will be a really great help. Plus it would be so cool to try and get published XD

  2. I loved this post! It seems like your month was pretty eventful :) ALSO I HAVE A COAT REALLY SIMILAR TO YOURS. xD

    1. Aww thanks! Actually thats my friends coat. XD She let me borrow it for the photo, but its just so lovely, I want one of my own now!

  3. girl you did that to your mom whaaaaaaa! I WANNA DO THAT NOW LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! *goes to by red food coloring*

    1. YES AND IT WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE. (rethinks what I just said)
      But yes, you must try it, cause its just so awesomely awesome

  4. That photo of you is so cute!

    Oh my gosh, you did that to your mom??? I would actually die if I were her. XD

    I totally want to do this 21 day ab challenge floating around.

    You should totally do the 2 days with no makeup post!

    1. AWW THANKS!
      And yes, it was so great, and she looked like she was going to die. She was doing some serious panicking till she realized I was laughing. XD

  5. You're a collabro fan?!? Same, I've loved Collabro ever since watching them on BGT! I can't wait for their new album to be released :D

    1. OMWOMW!!! YOU TOOOOO?!?!?! I am like dying right now, girl!!
      COLLABRO IS AMAZING. OMW OMW WOW!!! Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed. I've been calling them my 'Unofficial Brothers' Heeehe XD
      *highfives fellow Collabroator*

  6. oh my goodness your poor mother!! but actually now i want to do that xD
    i'm honestly surprised i haven't ran over a mailbox yet, it seems like something i'd do.
    eeeep you linked my post, thank you!! you da best

    1. I know! XD I felt bad, but it was awesome! I'm kind of a practical jokester sometimes. I must drive my family insane! XD