Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#January2017 || 11 Months Till 2018

January 2017. You have come so fast. I am constantly amazed how fast time flies! 11 Months till 2018. 8 months till college. 4 months till summer!

Top 4 Posts of January

Awesome Stuff

  • Texted my bestie weird fun facts
  • Tricked my mom into thinking I had typhoid, by coughing up red food coloring. Her face was priceless. #worthamillionbucks

  • Joined the Young Writers Workshop created by The Rebellution
  • Ordered a Collabro calendar and preordered their new out coming CD, Home
  • Discovered an awesome show called Mercy Street. Best thing evar
  • Senior photoshoot with Ashlyn
  • Andrew Staupe concert and master class
  • Watched Hidden Figures in the theatre
  • Reached page 1,000 in Les Mis!! Only 222 to go! Whoop!
  • Started reading Macbeth


  • Ran over a mailbox. Ops... Don't ask. *growls*
  • Failed a math quiz *palm to face*
  • Attempted  to make pancakes without eggs. I tried mayo instead and lets just say that didn't work  *shakes head* 

  • Lost the camera card, but I found it, thankfully
  • Choosing to sleep in and being the last one to take a shower on a Sunday morning. I bet you can guess how rotten that was *dang*
  • Lost one of my character Pinterest boards

January Faves From The Bloggin' World 

for me but maybe for you- written by Katie @ The Goodness Revolt
DIY my bullet journal- written by Julia @ The Barefoot Gal
playing by the rules- written by Kara @ Saved By Grace
20 ways to be a better sibling- written by Vanessa @ Simply Me
favorite period drama soundtracks- written by Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts
what type of writer are you- written by Sarah @ The Introverted Extrovert
transcendetalism vs. the bible- written by Jonathan @ Fishing For Ideas

Goals For February
  • Finish playing Moonlight Sonata by the end of the month 
  • Start the 21 day abs challenge that Julia sent me
  • Read two books
  • Get my senior photo cards finished
  • Finish plotting my entire novel
  • Focus on catching up on science
  • Write 10 posts in a month 
  • 2 days without makeup (post?) 
How was your month?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Amateur Schemer #NaNo2017 || A Peek Into My Writing Space

I'm planning to do Camp NaNo in April. I AM SO EXCITED, GUYS! Besides for a short book, this is my first time to write a full length novel! I already have file folders and Pinterest boards with photos of each of my characters and an analysis of their part in the novel. I also have been working on creating character traits that aren't physical. I honestly hate it when authors describe their characters with flowing hair, perfect figures and deep blue eyes. I will be trying to describe their actual character, if you know what I mean. The stuff deep down in their heart.  I will also be getting the Snowflake Method plotting help book on Amazon soon to help me out a bit. This awesome article  has been amazing! I have it printed out and put in my writing folder along with other guides and writing encouragement. I think I am dwelling too much on plotting right now. I probably just need to get on word documents and start writing, but I am a planner and a schemer, AND I CAN'T HELP IT. I am the type of person who will stick to my plot no matter what, and that scares me. I hope it won't hold me down from being creative.  

So, welcome to my desk. This is where I spend most of my time after the house is quiet and I just need to chill. I'll probably be spending a lot of long afternoons and late nights of NaNo here with my piles and piles of history books from the library, lined paper and gel pens. The most stressful part of writing historical fiction is the research, but I love history and reading, so its gonna be okay. Just a little stressful and in depth. XD I am so excited for my plot and my characters! Its gonna be an amazing journey, guys! 

Basically, I'm planning on listening to an obsessive amount of the Jane Eyre sound track, my darling: Collabro and drinking boxes and boxes of my beloved black tea. I'm probably going to be getting about 5 hours of sleep at night, hiding from all human existence for the 30 days of April, pretty much evolving into a living mass of hermitness with each passing hour, but I AM SO EXCITED! 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

your past does not define you

your past does not define you now
the mistakes and regrets of yesterday, last week, last year
they are not who you are.
you are a beautiful, amazing and spectacular human being.
you can change, become better
you can love again after being broken.
so get back up, and try again
because tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it
and a sun that rises in the sky, 
that was different than the sun of yesterday.
love yourself for who you are,
because your past does not define you.

photo credit to my amazing friend, Ashlyn

Masters Class With Andrew Staupe

My piano teacher called me last Thursday. She told me that Andrew Staupe, a visiting pianist, would be doing a concert at our community center that Saturday. He had asked if he could do a masters class with four kids from our town the day before his concert. So my teacher and another teacher was called and each asked to pick two of their students to play for this guy. And guess what.....

My teacher picked me * flails all over and goes to hide under a rug or something*

I was freaking out. This guy has traveled all over the globe. He has played in Carnigie Hall. He's collaborated with musicians from all over the world. HE'S A PROFESSOR IN MUSIC AT A UNIVERSITY. HOW AM I WORTH TO PLAY FOR THIS GUY????

Another one of my friends who is also a fellow student was also picked. We got there early to test out the piano and, guys, the piano was amazing! I loved it! It was a Fazoli, and the keys were just heaven. Literally.

So how this worked, is that each one of us played our piece, and then he worked with each of us for about 20 minutes on things he saw that we could to better. My turn came up, and I played this piece. Andrew Staupe, was just amazing. He was so friendly, skilled and experienced, and gave me a lot to think about and work on. I was probably the most amateur pianist at the class, but it was such a great experience, and I had a lot of fun watching the other kids and learning! The concert he gave last night at the community center was amazing! He played Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1 which he learned at age 14. Like wow... I could never play at that level at 14 or probably ever. 

Overall the class was wonderful, and I am so honored to have been able to have this opportunity and experience! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

i don't want to just exist

so many people walk this earth,
with purpose in their eyes,
but in their heart they know,
they are living a lie.
i don't what to become like the rest of them.
if i follow the crowd,
one day i'll look back on my life
and at the opportunities that i missed
and realize i never truly lived
all i did was exist.
i want to live in the moment
because life is a wonderful thing


Monday, January 16, 2017

Blogiversary Q&A Video || EEPPPP GUYS ITS HERE!!


SO ITS HERE!  *EXCUSE ME WHILE I FLAIL FOR A MINUTE* I've never done a video before, so I'm not quite as pro as some of you vloggers out there, but hey, I tried. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed answering all your questions! It was also super awkward. 

I'm kinda camera shy, so I tend to stumble over my words a bit. *shakes head in embarrassment* I never thought I'd be doing a video like in my entire life, but yes, I can check that off my bucket list! Also, thanks to all you followers out there who have supported me these past three years! I've appreciated each one of your comments! I've had a blast with blogging, and heres to another three more years! *hugs you all*

Peace out

Friday, January 13, 2017

'Sup With Clara || ACT Testing || Collabro: Recent Obsession

eating/ drinking || tacos, lemon infused water, candy canes, pasta

reading || les misrebles (yusss.) north and south, random ww1 non-fiction, ACT study books *shudders*, edgar allen poe and louis borges poetry

listening|| thinking out loud cover by collabro, a thousand years sung by collabro, stars by collabro, somewhere only we know by collabro and let her go by collabro. can you tell I'm obsessed with collabro? #fangirl *flails around room, dies, then revives to finish this post* 

watching || britans got talent, historical pbs videos about the construction of westminster abbey, mcgyver, sing, rogue one, diagnosis murder, old re-runs of the twilight zone and perry mason

writing || 30 minutes everyday and at the end of the year, I'll have a big collection of random poetry and other stuff, this post obviously, random scenes for my novel, a history essay

working on || school *cringes*, editing my Q&A video! (coming soon!), writing a letter to a faithful pen pal, dreaded math homework, practicing piano....and those horrid scales 

smelling || homemade lazanga, peppermint essential oil, pine bows, wood smoke

wearing || skinny jeans, infinity scarf, fuzzy socks, slippers

thinking || about random things, the romance and historical angles of my novel, how much i love my bestie, thinking about tomorrow, how cool of a mom and dad i have, senior photos

excited || *screams* I AM SO THRILLED THAT COLLABRO ^^^ IS RELEASING THEIR NEW ALBUM, HOME, NEXT MONTH!!! GAHHHHH *takes deep breaths* (okay, okay enough about collabro. i'll stop. excuse the obsession), trying a new brand of black tea i got yesterday, going sledding, talent show auditions tomorrow where I will be playing the piano for one act and my bro and i will be singing for another

Okay, yes you have probably noticed that I have a dead on serious obsession with Collabro. ^^^^^ Like I've ordered their two CD's and have already pre-ordered their new one. But seriously, go check them out! #getreadyforawesomeness EPPPPPP.... *runs around room with headphones singing All Of Me* *calms down* Lifes been pretty slow, like its January, then Feburary which is even more dull, and I have to find things to keep my mind off it. XD I'm also preparing for the ACT. All I can say is pray for me. I am so nervous! I'm studying online as well as taking a prep class with a few other kids. Any advise from those of you who have already taken the test??

And btw, keep an eye out for the Q&A video coming soon! 

So whats going on with you all?
Have you gone sledding yet this winter?
What is your trick for keeping busy throughout the slow winter months?

Monday, January 9, 2017

#UnpopularOpinions : Teen Dating

Teen dating is something I've questioned. Its probably something a lot of you have questioned. Its a confusing topic. Some people are very set in their opinions, others have no idea what to think, like me, until recently. I've been thinking about my personal opinion on the topic of teen dating. Lately, I've just realized how important dating is. Our lives really depend on it, our future, our kids, our reputation, how our lives turn out in the end all depend on this topic. If we mess it up, its like walking in the snow, we will always be able to see the footsteps we left behind, the choices we made can never be undone. And I don't think many teens realize how important dating is. I know many people who have went into, or who are in relationships as teens, and these are my observations, and opinions that have been formed from watching these people.

1. Self reflection 
Before dating I believe you should ask yourself some questions. I will personally ask myself these questions if I ever come to a point where I enter a relationship. Am I prepared to think about marriage? Am I just doing this for my emotional needs? Am I ready to choose my life partner, even if I'm only a teenager? In my case I would say I am not ready for dating, or even marriage for that matter at this time in my life. Like I'm only 16!  I would like to be happy with myself before even considering a relationship. I would like to go to college, get my degree, make a life for myself and be able to support myself before considering marriage. But thats just me. Everyones situation is different.

2. Whats in a name? Courtship vs. Dating
Families like the Duggar's and Bates refer to "getting to know someone of the opposite sex" courting. Thats great! But honestly I don't care if you call it courting or dating because its not about what its called. Its about the way you go about it, and the way in which you court or date. Just because you stand in a garage doesn't make you a car. I personally have decided to call it dating, but that doesn't mean my opinions or standards are bad, just because I call it "dating" and not "courting".

3. Emotions
As teens, especially teen girls, we get really caught up in emotions. (speaking from experience) We want to date a guy just because it would satisfy our emotional needs, not thinking about the guys character, heart, temperament or moral strength. Getting to know someone with the intention of marriage in mind requires more involvement than just your emotions. As my dear mother says,"you have to get past the flutter you get in your stomach when he walks by, and look deeper." XD

4. The ultimate destination
Many times, I think people enter into a relationship blinded to the fact that dating is suppose to be getting to know someone for the purpose of marriage. I think people just date for fun and don't think about what may happen down the road. I'm not saying you can't have fun when you date, that it all has to be serious, but defiantly set standards and boundaries. I know people who have had kids outside of marriage and have just gone to one person to the next looking for "true love", but they are still searching. When you get too involved you can't go back. Really examine the heart, character and spirit of your potential marriage partner, and ask yourself if this person is who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Cause if you do this before getting too deep, if the person isn't the right one, you don't have a whole bunch of baggage. Keep in mind the ultimate destination, which is marriage, or mawage, whichever you prefer. XD

5. Outside involvement
Involvement from your parents may seem....well...not fun, but its totally worth it to have that accountability. Your parents can see stuff you probably can't see in a guy/girl. Listen to them, trust them, even though you may not want to sometimes.

6. Everyone is different
Everyone's situations are different in their own unique way. What may be dating the right way for me, may be something different than your situation. But, I know as for me, a sixteen year old girl, I know I am not ready for marriage anytime soon, but maybe you are. I know a girl who is a few months younger than me who is dating, and her situation is right for her. Her parents are involved, this girl and guy are known as  strong Christians of great character by their church family and their friends. Some get married and 17, some at 27, some at 37, but everyone is going to have a different story, each unique. We cannot have a set of rules on dating that have to apply to everyone because there are different people, different circumstances and different maturity levels.

7. Don't follow your heart!
Everyone is always saying "follow your heart!" Tv, music, people, t-shirts for goodness sake. Virtually everything and everyone is saying follow your heart and it will lead to you whatever your looking for. But...wait. The bible says our heart is deceitful above all things, and not to trust it, because it will lead you down the wrong path. Instead follow your gut, (gosh, so many innards. heart, guts. gross) that feeling you get down deep in your stomach when you know something is not right. Trust your parents, trust good friends, trust your conscience. Your conscience is kind of like the homing pigeons sense of what direction home is in, or the echo locate in dolphins and whales. Its a compass. It always tells you the truth.

So, yet another post of deep, deep thoughts and pondering, written by yours truly. The writing this post was inspired by a few conversations I've had at work with a a couple of my co-workers and listening to their life stories.

What are your thoughts on teen dating?


Sunday, January 8, 2017

it will never be the same

i got that strange feeling. like when you leave a place. like you'll not only miss the people you love, but you will miss the person you are right now. because you know that you'll never be this way ever again. i know that I'm going to change. that thought scares me. and I know when I come back home, it will never be the same.

some thoughts about leaving for college in the fall

Thursday, January 5, 2017

stranger things have happened || 5 odd things you probably didn't know about random history stuff

1. Diana? No, Anne??

Schuyler Grant, the one we know as Diana, in the Anne of Green Gables movies actually auditioned for the part of Anne. She was recommended by her great aunt, Katherine Hepburn to the director Kevin Sullivan. Schuyler seemed to fit the part. She had green eyes, reddish hair, but Kevin Sullivan was urged by the Canadian Broadcasting Network to find a Canadian actress to fill the part. (Schuyler Grant was an American who grew up in California) It took one year of auditioning girls from all over Canada before Kevin Sullivan finally found Megan Fellows, the one we know and cherish as Anne of Green Gables. 

2. Secret Door Reveals Charles Dickens Wit

Charles Dickens home was at Gad's Hill Place in Higham Rochester Kent, England. What people don't typically know about this house is that Charles Dickens had secret door in his study. The door features a mock bookshelf that is indistinguishable from the bookshelves that line the walls. He invented some amusing titles for his faux books such as The Life of Cat (a 9 volume set lol), Socrates on Wedlock, The Block, The Stake, The Rack, Dirt and Disease, next to a thin volume of The Virtues of Our Ancestors. XD How witty, sir! You can see the secret door in the back ground of the sketch above. See a photo of the real thing here

3. Crazy, and I mean Crazy. : The Sarah Winchester Mansion

The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion in San Jose, California, which was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Winchester. When William died unexpectedly from tuberculosis, Sarah became distressed. It has been said that she believed her family was cursed by the spirits of dead Native Americans and Civil War soldiers killed by the guns her husband made. She believed she was being told by the spirits to move out west. In 1884, she purchased an eight-room farmhouse in California that stood on 161 acres. Immediately, she began spending her $20 million inheritance by renovating and adding more rooms to the house, with work continuing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the next 38 years. She believed that as long as she continued construction on her house she would not die. The mansion had 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 stairways, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, and 6 kitchens built when Sarah Winchester died in 1922. Many of the staircases and doors that were built lead to no where at all. 

4. "Sir, You Mustache The Beard!"

During the 16th century, men who grew a beard had to pay a tax. Emperor Peter 1 of Russia instituted a beard tax to bring Russian society in line with Western European models. To enforce the ban on beards the emperor had the beard wearers pay a tax, and empowered police to shave any man who refused to pay the tax. If you were a man who chose to pay the tax to grow a beard, you would have to carry around a beard token (photo above) that had a picture of a mans facial hair on it, and on the back were the words "money paid." Some people argue that this is the reason why, the military requires its men to be clean shaven.  

5. "All The Ladies Like Whiskers." 

And another fun facial hair fact. A few weeks before Abraham Lincoln was elected president, the 11 year old Grace Bedell, wrote him a letter urging Lincoln to improve his appearance by growing a beard. He later responded making no promises, but one month later, grew the beard. Graces letter read:  

Dear Sir, My father has just home from the fair and brought home your picture and Mr. Hamilton's I am a little girl only 11 years old, but want you should be President of the United States very much so. I hope you wont think me very bold to write to such a great man as you are. Have you any little girls about as large as I am if so give them my love and tell her to write to me if you cannot answer this letter. I have yet got four brothers and part of them will vote for you any way and if you let your whiskers grow I will try and get the rest of them to vote for you you would look a great deal better for your face is so thin. All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you and then you would be President. My father is going to vote for you and if I was a man I would vote for you to, but I will try to get every one to vote for you that I can I think that rail fence around your picture makes it look very pretty I have got a little baby sister she is nine weeks old and is just as cunning as can be. When you direct your letter direct to Grace Bedell Westfield Chautauqua County New York. I must not write any more, answer this letter right off. Good bye. Grace Bedell

Lincolns response: 

My dear little Miss. Your very agreeable letter of the 15th is received. I regret the necessity of saying I have no daughters. I have three sons – one seventeen, one nine, and one seven, years of age. They, with their mother, constitute my whole family. As to the whiskers, having never worn any, do you not think people would call it a silly affectation if I were to begin it now? Your very sincere well wisher. A. Lincoln

Completely nerdy I know, but thats me. XD I hope you found some of it interesting! Have a great week, peeps!


Monday, January 2, 2017

second lieutenant matthew bateman, france || bekah cove, essex

2nd Lieutenant Matthew Bateman
Calais, France
August 19th 1916

Dearest Matthew,
I'm lying in our meadow tonight thinking of you.
I smell wildflower and honeysuckle, and I hear the far off call of a whippoorwill in the distance. I can see Rock Mountain from here, rising far above the oak trees. A full moon towers above the earth in the night sky, and I wonder if you are looking at it too, somewhere on the other side of the world.

Are you thinking of me?
Cause I'm dreaming of you.

I snuck away from the house tonight to write. All this war talk at home makes me angry. There is so much anger these days, Matthew. My heart is becoming hard with it. But amidst my rage, nature brings me such peace, and reminds me of those long afternoons we use to spend up here, just you and me. Why did you go? I hate this. I hate being apart from you. I hate you sometimes, Matthew for leaving me alone and going off to war, but I know it wasn't your fault. I wonder why people have to fight. Don't people realize how much more valuable human life is than the victory of war?
Promise me, Matthew that you will come home safe to me. Promise me that you will live.
I think of you every moment of the day.

All my love,

p.s Enclosed is a flower from our meadow pressed in the copy of Nicholas Nickleby you gave me last year for my birthday.

(photos via pinterest)

Bekah Cove
92 Jeffery Ave. 
Essex England
September 2nd, 1916

My Bekah,
You were always such a poet, weren't you? What you wrote about the meadow made it come alive to me again. I could almost see it. Send more writings of home. It gives me hope to keep fighting and a reason to keep on living. I've read your letter over and over. I keep it with me night and day. I look up at the moon tonight thinking and dreaming of you. Its a crescent moon over here, barely seen, but still shining. I wish I was back home with you in our meadow, holding your hand, counting the stars and dreaming of a place where there is no killing, no war and no separation. Keep hoping, Bekah, keep on praying that this world has more compassion on human life than if does greed for war and death. No one deserves this living hell we have experienced in the trenches, against our fellow humans beings. These men, they are people just like us, with emotions and longings of home. They want peace just as we do. But we are called by a greater command. To fight for our country even if it means death, which is becoming such a reality.
 Men around me are dying everyday. My friends, my brothers, my countrymen. 

Death is using me up relentlessly, Bekah. Its coming closer and closer everyday. 

I'm scared, I won't lie to you. We both have to face the reality that I may not survive this war. And if I don't promise me that you will keep fighting, you will keep living and most importantly, you will keep loving, for me. Don't let your heart become hard. But I will continue to fight for you, my love, as long as I can. I promise. Think of me tonight in our meadow. Pray for me. 


p.s We may be worlds apart, but we will always and forever be close in spirit.

the results of late night camp nano novel ideas for april