Thursday, December 1, 2016

See Ya Later November || Favs

Soooo like whaaaa??? Its December already???

Obviously life has been crazy busy, and time just kinda sneaked away. 2016 is going by too fast, don't you agree?! I've been such a busy bee this month, but its been awesome. Work, school (lots of algebra, ugh), choir and piano seem to be the focus of my life right now. I'm prepping for a piano master class this month, which I'm thrilled about. This is my second year attending, and I'm looking forward to not being a newbie. Ohhh, and guys. It literally started snowing about an hour ago. I don't know whether to be happy or not, cause I DONT LIKE WINTER, but decorating the house, hot chocolate, singing Handel's Messiah in choir, sweaters, new books, paper snowflakes, candles and Christmas music (#bingcrosby) on the radio is just making me feel completely into the Christmas spirit! 

So, now onto some of my November favs. 

1. Check out Vanessa's Blogger Gift Exchange post, if you haven't already! She and Jo have such a great idea about doing blogger appreciation posts. 

2. Julia's poem punched me in the heart. But don't all her poems do that? She's such a talented writer! 

3. Elizabeths post, Things To Do on A Rainy Day was so fun to read! She has a lot of fun little things in her post!

4. Morning's Blogger Yearbook idea is just simply brilliant! 

5. Sarah's November In Review post  was fabulous to read! Congrats on 30k, Sarah!

6. I got a laugh out of Naomi's post, If Period Drama Characters Had Internet Bios 

7. Lauren writes wonderfully, and her posts always give me the feels. Like this one.

Congrats to all of you who finished NaNo alive! I'm so proud of you all! Even though I didn't participate this year, I know you all worked very hard, and I loved keeping up with your NaNo posts! Great job! 


  1. LOVE. love. LOVE. this post. you're just a doll, okay? <333

  2. Oh, these are such good pictures of you! I love them!

  3. Awww you all make me so so happy <3 I'm glad you enjoyed my post ;)
    And wasn't Julia's poem amazing?? Oh my I want her to write me a poetry collection.
    And I'm so jealous of your snow, please send it my way!!

    1. Julias poems are amazing! Ohhh a poetry collection would be amazing! She needs to publish a book of poems or something! :)

  4. AWWW. Thanks for linking to me... that's so sweet!
    You take great pictures, btw. :-)