Friday, October 28, 2016

7 Reasons Why Extroverts Struggle Too

Yes yes, we know introverts have it rough. "Today was great until people," right? Introverts relish in sitting in the corner, eating Doritos and petting a cat at a gathering or party while extroverts appear as social zealots, gallivanting around the room conversing with everyone. But the truth is, extroverts struggle too. Yes we feel insecure and shy, and sometimes we want to go hide under a rock with Pinterest and a bowl of double chocolate oreo ice-cream, but that doesn't make us introverted. Not quite. 

1. Extroverts Can Be Shy Too (sometimes)
When I was 13, I was very insecure and hid from all human existence besides maybe my direct family. I didn't have any friends, besides like one. Yes, I was shy, but I wasn't introverted...I was simply scared of letting my bubbly self show. When I went through this "phase", I really wanted to show the extrovert I was to others, but I literally could not do it!  The truth is that people think extroverts never get shy, but thats just not the case. For me its really who I am around that determines the extent of my socialization. Like at work, I pretty much stick to myself, and I don't act too crazy or funny like how I normally am around my friends or family. When I am surrounded by adults I normally go into "adulting" mode and act mature, but when I am surrounded by other teens I can be pretty...lets just say "extroverted", and thats who I truly am.

2. Extroverts Feel Like They Talk Too Much
I talk too much. I'm probably the most chatty teen evvaarrr. I always need to be talking to someone....(I could literally carry on a conversation with a tree stump if I had to) because that is how I recharge. I feel refreshed after a social get together, a phone call or even after a small talk session with the grocery store clerk. Thank goodness for my mom! She sits through my rants and random chinwags. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her to talk to.

3. People Think We're Flirt'in When We're Just Be'in Social 
Omgosh. This is the really awkward thing about extroverts, and something I'm very self conscious about. Extroverts are excitable, and really smiley (not saying that introverts aren't) and we tend to talk in a way that may make the opposite gender think we are flirting, when we actually aren't.... I don't know how extroverts really look like when they flirt cause I haven't had that experience yet...hehehhe... but I'm sure its very entertaining.

4. Being Social With Strangers When They Don't Wanna Talk
Talking to the dude at Taco Bell being like "Hey, hows your day going? Nice weather today, huh?" and all you get is *rolls eyes* ookkkayyy...."awkward" *whispers under breath*

5. We Feel Incapable of Deep Conversation
We feel like we can't talk about deep things. We tend to be more "humorous" with private things which makes it hard to express feelings to those people we care about. Like if you wanna tell your mom that you really appreciate her, but you don't know how to do it in a seriously way, cause you just feel awkward telling her. Not because thats not what you feel, it just doesn't come naturally. 

6. We Feel Pressured to Keep The Conversation Going
We feel like we need to be talking all the time. When we go out with friends, we feel like we always need to be talking, and that silence just isn't suppose to happen. Sooo we end up saying awkward things to keep the conversation going. Extroverts care about others feelings, maybe a little too much. We hate offending people, and we don't want people to think we don't find them interesting and fun to be with, even if we don't. XD

7. We Know We Are Awkward But We Like Getting Attention
We may do rash things, and make ourselves look stupid, but we enjoy entertaining others, getting attention, and we laugh too much, but thats what makes us awesome. Almost as awesome as introverts. 

Are you introverted or extroverted?
Do you relate with any of these points? 
What was your favorite GIF?

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  1. I am an extrovert! I agree with all of these, but I really agree with the one when extroverts feel like they talk WAY TOO MUCH, because I definitely feel like I just keep rambling on!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.