Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Achieving Your Dream

-Believe in yourself, and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle-

At one time in our lives or another, there was that person who said " You'll never make it." 
We had a dream and they said it would fail. 

For me, this event occurred when I was about 12 years old. I had written a book called Hannah's Hope. (An amateur sketch of the Great Depression through the eyes of a 14 year old girl, Hannah.) The was the first book ever, that I had attempted, and as you can imagine, it was quite an inexpert piece, which I now laugh at, or more realistically, blush over its stupidity.  I had given my first draft to about three older ladies in my life who I respected to read through, and edit.  I eventually got together with one of them, we sat down over tea and she told me what she thought of my book.  What she told me scarred my life for a long time afterwards. She wasn't mean, but I wouldn't say she was nice about it either.  This certain lady was very well read in classic literature, and as you can imagine, she didn't know how to react to a 12 year olds childish, daydream of becoming a "best selling author".  I can't remember a lot about what she said, but I do remember that at one point in our conversation she compared my book to Utopia by Thomas More... Now that I am older and I know what that book is, my feelings are still quite hurt, considering the fact that my book was quite a ways below the status of that certain novel written about political philosophy in the 15th century. Honestly I don't even remember where she even went with that comparison, but I do remember after she left I was quite discouraged as I sat on the couch looking down at my 100 paged idea of a book in my hands. At that moment I just gave up. There was no hope of me becoming a writer of any kind at all. 

Then I got to the point where I woke up on day and I just decided that I wasn't going to let that experience define me or my writing.  And I didn't.  I made a promise to myself that I was going to forget what that lady ever said, put it behind me and I was going to put more effort into writing whether it be another book, essays or whatever. But, this didn't happen over night. It took me two long years of encouragement from my mom for me to realize this. So I picked short stories to pursue first, and I used that bad experience to propel me forward to achieve success. Those short stories have lead me to writing more. I've attempted poetry, essays and even got up the courage to start a blog and put my writing out for the world to see. I haven't started another book, yet, but thats my next goal. 

I promise you this has happened to everyone. Our parents, our teachers, our friends. 
We can either let the experience defeat us or we can learn something from it and let it push us forward. What I learned from my experience was how if felt to be treated like a "little kid." So whenever I am put in a position where I have to lead someone else that may not know as much as me on a certain subject, I try to connect with them and make them feel good about themselves, because I remember what it felt like to be 13 and to have someone tell you that you are an amateur. 
So, do what others say you can't do. Be confident, and achieve those things with grace and humility to show others that you can, and you will. Be that person who never gives up on their dreams, whatever they are. Try again, believe in yourself and go for it. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chai Latte || A Fall Favorite

Yes, my frens, its officially fall. If I posted this any earlier, I think Vanessa might come charging at me with a pitchfork. *attempts serious gaze at Vanessa then breaks out in copious laughter* But, yes its autumn at last, and its time to break out the fall beverages, oversized sweaters and cute boot warmers. Fall is my favorite season. Its beautiful, colorful and the temperature is just perfect. Fit to please my bookworm soul. 

The chai latte is a new favorite of mine. I make it at least a couple times a week. Its so easy to mix up and doesn't require a recipe that you have to follow. I love recipes where you can improvise as you go along. Kind of what I do with that I think about it. :) 

Items needed

  • 1 Chai spice black tea bag
  • Milk. You can really use however much you need to fill up your mug. I use about 1 cup.
  • A spoonful of honey or sugar
  • A dash of nutmeg and cinnamon 
  • Vanilla to taste
  • A whisk
  • A small saucepan 
  • A strainer or filter 

Put your milk in a sauce pan over medium-high heat, until the milk is warm. You could also add a bit of cream to make the latte a little richer. Cut the chai spice tea bag open, and dump the tea mixture into the milk. This action lets the chai infuse itself into the milk which ultimately gives you a stronger flavor. Stir until milk becomes slightly darker as a result of the tea infusion. Add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg to kick up your flavor. Spoon honey or sugar into the mixture until dissolved. Heat to desired temperature. Pour latte into a strainer to filter out all of the tea leaves, then pour back in saucepan. Stir in a dash of vanilla extract for extra flavor. At this point, if you have a frother, you can froth up the milk like a latte. Pour into mug, and add a pinch of cinnamon on top if desired. 

Happy fall, y'all!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Tips For a Better School Year

1. Stay organized:
Plot out an organization system that will work best for you. I have a yearly planner with a handy calendar and a place to take notes for each day of the month. In the notes section, I create a personal checklist of things I need to get done that day, so I can mark them off as I complete them. I also keep a binder for each subject, where I can keep my essays, pencils, notebooks ect. I keep my binders and my school books all in a crate next to my desk, for easy put away. It also helps declutter your desk after doing school or homework. Don't let your desk get too messy. 

2. Create your own area: 
I'm homeschooled, so obviously I'm at home doing school, and I like to have a nice place that is my own, that I can make comfortable in my own way for doing my schoolwork. My special spot is at my desk in my room. I constantly have a cup of tea or coffee on my desk accompanied by my iPod, lotion, chocolate! I move around the house throughout the day. I'm on the computer, at the kitchen table, awkwardly sprawled out on the couch... but my desk is kind of like my home base, where I always know I'll be comfortable. 

3. Rest:
Being rested is key to being successful in school. Try to get homework done and get to bed at a decent hour, and remember....don't stay up too late! 

Even though there is that constant struggle...XD #reasonswhywedontsleep

4. Music:
Music can be a life saver! Music is the thing you go to when you have a bad day or need when you need a pick-me-up, its always there and its just plain amazing, okay? the Jane Eyre soundtrack, for me, is something I listen to every. stinking. day, cause its just so beautiful and it makes me feel like Jane Austen when I'm doing school. Classical music is also really good for studying or reading. 

5. Make time for YOU: 
The school year is such a busy time and we often forget to take the time to spend with ourselves. Take a walk once in a while, bake a cake, exercise or watch a movie with friends. Remember that you need to relax and that life isn't all about school. 

Note: *beebuhr's a loner. he has to hug himself*

I hope this post was helpful! Heres to a new school year of organization, and fun!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hello September

Its already September? LIKE WHAT?! Summer has flown by so quickly, and I'm already missing those carefree, lazy days. But at the same time, I'm excited to see what the new school year will bring. It will be so nice to be involved in more things again, rather than just sitting at home, eating ice-cream, and watching Sherlock, which is totally awesome I admit, but its kind of getting old! 

Listening to- For The Moments I Feel Faint by Reliant K, The Book Thief soundtrack, Difference Maker by Need To Breathe

Enjoying: Choir. Thursday was our first choir practice of the new school year! I'm so excited for the opportunities that will come our way as this semester! A college in Texas donated new choir attire for everyone, which I am super pumped about! Long black dresses for the girls and all of the guys have tuxedoes. This sure beats our old outfits! We also were given the funds for a brand new grand piano! So excited! 

Reading: The Allegory of Love by C.S Lewis. Lewis's writing is filled with so much wisdom, I find myself re-reading each paragraph several times over, scrambling to grasp as much as I can from the passage. His writing connects with something in everyone, and is easily relatable. C.S Lewis is definitely one of my favorite authors. 

Loving: Long walks by myself. I love just getting away alone, just me, my camera and my iPod. There is something so romantic about listening to music and walking in a large, endless wheat field. It makes me feel like I'm in a movie. *Note: If you ever do this, listen to the Jane Eyre soundtrack. You'll find yourself dancing, which may or may not lead to strangers looking at you sideways.*

Spending my saturday- I went to see Pete's Dragon today with a few friends, then after the movie we went to Starbucks and hung out. #saturdaysrock