Sunday, August 28, 2016

simple things

enjoy the simple things in life
a hand to hold,
morning walks,
clicks of a type writer, 
the stars that shower the night sky

don't let life distract you.
take the time to listen
take time to breath
take time to live
take time to love
because thats all you really need 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Embrace Yourself

Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire
-st cathrine of siena- 

I often finding myself comparing myself to others. I'm always thinking that I should be different. If only I was prettier- why can't I be more efficient?- why can't I be as godly as her? 
These thoughts are grounded in our society, and are embedded in our minds. But, I'm becoming to realize that behind every "flawless" girl is an ordinary human that is dealing with her own ordinary struggles. All of us have problems. We all have our own victories and downfalls. We mess up and make mistakes. Not one of us are perfect. 

We're human. 

Media doesn't help us out at all. We have the habit of placing ourselves somewhere on the internet where no one can see our flaws, and only the things we want others to see. We make our lives appear perfect, hoping that will make us feel better about ourselves. No. no. Embrace you.
We are all different. We have different clothing styles, music tastes, habits...  We aren't perfect, no, but we are beautiful just the way we are. 

Lets not get caught up in the deception that we have to be pretty to be accepted or loved because the real beauty is in who you are. Be yourself. Be you, and embrace it. Because that is where you find true beauty. So let it shine.

p.s guys! I got my license today! *happy dance* 

Friday, August 19, 2016

recent life

words// chalet, ripple, sleep, photograph, alone

songs// look on up & be my escape by reliant k, stand by me by the drifters, finally home by jeremy camp, take me home country roads by john denver, a life thats good by peter hollins 

books// miss marple by agatha christie, emerson's essays vol. 1, code name verity by elezabeth wien, go set a watchman by harper lee, virginia wolf's diary 1915-17

movies and tv-shows// funny face, annie, sherlock, death comes to pemberley, signed sealed and delivered, olympic volleyball and gymnastics (my favs) #finalfive

miscellany// fall mornings, tea and warm fleece blankets, walking with friends in the afternoon, fall clothes, new piano music, irish creme lattes, old movie theaters, hot baths, peach snapple, curled hair and lipstick, t-shirts and sweatpants, stargazing, chocolate, phone conversations

smells// lavender essential oil, libraries, homemade bread, moms perfume, bakeries, the ocean air, campfires, the forest     

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 Tips For Becoming A Better Morning Person

If your like me, your allergic to mornings. You despise setting an alarm for 6:00am, and forcing yourself out of the bed in the morning. For me, this leads to not having the best mood, which isn't fun for anybody. So, before the busy school year starts, full of early mornings and long days, I'd like to share a few tips on becoming a better morning person who wakes up ready to conquer the day ahead! 

1. Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room:
By placing your alarm clock (or phone) in another part of your room besides your nightstand will keep you from hitting that snooze button, and will motivate you out of bed. If your alarm clock has that setting of picking your own wake up song, use it. Pick something soothing and relaxing to wake up to. Two songs I enjoy for alarms can be found here and here

2. Turn on the tunes:
When I wake up to an early morning, the first thing I do is turn on some music while I style my hair or get dressed. Singing along to my favorite songs helps me wake up quicker, and puts me in a happier mood. 

3. Stretch:
Everyday when I wake up, I stretch. It relieves muscle cramps, and it helps you shake off that early morning grogginess. I have found yoga to be very relaxing and beneficial. I run through this sheet of beginner yoga poses every night before bed, and every morning when I wake up. Its also a great pre-run stretch routine, if you run in the mornings. 

4. Exercise:
Yes, its hard to get up, lace up your tennis shoes and hit the pavement or do those push ups. But just push through. Exercising for just a few minutes in the morning can relieve stress, plus it makes you feel more energized, which puts you in a good mood. Here is an easy ten minute work out that you can easily pop into your morning schedule! 

5. Let the light in:
Open your window! Let the sunshine, and that sweet morning fresh air in while you sing to your favorite tunes, exercise, eat breakfast or put on your make up. Fresh air always makes a body feel energized and inspired to start the day with a smile! 

How do you conquer early mornings?
What are some of your favorite morning wake up songs?
Favorite busy day go-to hairstyle?