Thursday, June 30, 2016



grace wins / matthew west
the call / regina spektor
fight song / rachel platten
this is now / josh wilson
new york state of mind / billy joel 

surprised by joy / c.s lewis
jo's boys / louisa may alcott 
trapped in hitlers hell / anita ditman 
volumes of poetry
the great gatsby / f. scot fitzgerald

- movies / shows-
happy days
i love lucy
prince caspian
finding dory
ben hurr
the parent trap

sleepovers with friends
william moseley 
driving with the windows rolled down
fresh strawberries
gift cards
texting with your brother
wind in your hair
going through old photos
record players
vintage book shops
history museums
endless wheat fields 

fresh laundry
peppermint tea
rosehip lotion
old books

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Is Clara #teamwaffle or #teampancake??

So, this little war in the blogging world has been going on for quite awhile, and I have just sat back an observed the battle, (with a smirk, mind you) hiding behind a bush or something to avoid being asked what side I'm on.:) But, I've finally gotten up the guts to say that.....


Yup, yup. You heard right... I know... *dodges pitchforks and hand grenades from waffle and pancake teams* *crowd surrounds me and chants* "Traitor. Traitor. Traitor. Traitor." while shaking spears*

Okay, waffles are amazing. Especially with every little square drenched in melted butter then filled with warm OMGoodness they are soooooo amazing! Oh, and have you ever tried homemade pumpkin spiced waffles with HOMEMADE MAPLE SYRUP??? I have no words. 

And, are a step up mind you) are great with peanut butter and bananas, or syrup, BUT, they are just too bland and simply flat,( and they taste like flour) and I only eat them when, thats what my mom made for breakfast, and I'm hungry, and theres nothing else...left in the eat. Yeah. Theres my run-on-and-on sentence for the day.


Well, I guess at this point I tell you that I love some other food better.... and what would that be you ask...

"Drum roll please!" 

FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I'm a french toast-ian, and heres why-

  1. French Toast + coffee = deliciousness
  2. Its semi-healthy. You're getting egg with it! XD
  3. Its light and fluffy
  4. Its french. (and thats just cool. I guess...?)
  5. And, it just makes me drool, and if something makes me know its gotta be good

Monday, June 20, 2016

NYC I'll Miss You...

Keep your woods, oh nature, and your quite places by the woods.
Give me the streets of Manhattan!
-Walt Whitman 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sweet Sixteen

I celebrated my sixteenth birthday yesterday with my family! My birthday is actually today, but my grandma, cousins and aunt were here yesterday so we celebrated with them. 
My mom made strawberry shortcake, which has less sugar and fat apparently...?? So I would at least be trying to be a semi good girl while I'm on my little no sugar venture! Cheating on my BIRTHDAY should be okay right?? XD I also got some awesome gifts! My parents gave me a scrapbooking set to catalog all my pictures of my NYC trip as well as some money to go SHOPPING! (Who doesn't love shopping?) My grandma gave me a gift card to Family Christian which I'm going to use to get C.S Lewis's autobiography, Surprised By Joy. I also received a volleyball from my cousins and aunt.  My brother gave me the tree of life necklace and a turquoise ring, which is like, so pretty! And the remainder of my brothers gave me a mug, decorative box and my favorite snack nuts! 

If feels kind of scary to be sixteen! I can legally get a job, plus I'm getting my license in 6 weeks, which is exciting, but its a scary thought. Growing up feels great, but I also feel like I want to stay younger. It two years, I'll be a graduate, and going off to college! Two years seems to be a long time, but when I look back at when I was fourteen, I thought sixteen would never come and its just flown by! But, I'm looking forward to the many adventures I'll have in this new chapter of my life! Exciting times! 16 is going to awesome! 

"Love others; cry if your hurt; smile if your happy. Don't grow old; just grow up. Make mistakes; and learn from them."

Friday, June 10, 2016

when your on a diet and you see a hamburger...

when you see a kid eating a peanut butter cup...
when you hear the noise of your brother crunching popcorn slathered in butter in your ears...
when your siblings decide to make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH on the very day you decide to diet..
when mom breaks out the homemade mashed potatoes, blended with cream cheese and butter...
when you see the ice cream sitting in the freezer in all of its majesty... *choir sings and rays of light land on the carton as you drool in awe*

when you see a glorious hamburger,

this is how you would feel

i decided to join the no sugar challenge my dear friend, Julia is putting on. if you guys read her blog you'll know she lost 7 POUNDS in two weeks! like wow, girl! so...I'm gonna try this for two weeks, and hopefully i can stick with it, cause I just love food people! its comforting to me. when i'm angry or sad, i really enjoy a nice plate of comfort food..... or waffles! (by the way, on a random rabbit trail, i'm totally on #teamwaffle, and i still have to get that post up!) but seriously! no waffles for two weeks! i'm gonna die...

so my goals for these two weeks is to...
  •  stay away from carbs
  •  stay away from sugar
  •  eat 4 servings of veggies a day
  •  drink close to a gallon of water everyday
 resist. resist. RESIST.

volleyball just started. and all i can say is conditioning is hard! i always come home sore, but its actually really rewarding, and i feel great after getting in shape. so all of that paired with volleyball should be a great dieting program! my mom has experimented with a few healthy eating programs over the years, and she knows all the "secrets" so i'll have some great help. i can say that, but the struggle is real peeps, and some days i'm gonna be craving that ice-cream cone or hamburger so bad, but I just have to close my eyes and WALK AWAY! onward, to fight that sugar! 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

New York City || Carnegie Hall

  The performance was merely a few minutes away. It seemed to take forever for all 90 of us to weave our way through the hallways and staircases of backstage, but we finally walked out and took our places on the risers. I was in total awe! The crowd cheered, and as our director walked out onto the stage, I think all of us felt tears welling up in our eyes. Our director was the one who had united this family, and had spent countless hours organizing every little detail of this trip, not to mention the hours she gave out of her life to practice with us. Carnegie Hall was what we had worked so hard for! This is what we spent hours of practice on! We had reached our goal and the time was near where we would present our music to New York. As we stood there, all I could think of was, "this is where Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, George Gershwin, Yo Yo Ma, Peter Tchaikovsky, The Beatles, and many others have stood, and I, a 16 year old country girl gets to preform here!" 

Our dream had come true...

   We began to sing. The feelings I felt were incredible. Each of us were so filled with emotion, that I can't even describe what we felt. All I know is that each and everyone of us felt unity. We had a sense of togetherness, all of us as one, standing on the stage in Carnegie Hall, and looking out in the crowd, knowing that this had been the ultimate goal all along. My dad had the privilege of standing next to each other in concert. At then end of the performance we held hands for a moment before we exited the stage. That was a moment that I'll never forget.

    Choir is ended for the summer, and the trip has been over for almost a week. I have enjoyed getting to know each person in my choir as individuals, and the experience I've had with my choir family over the past year has been nothing short of amazing. Its sad to think that people from this past year will be moving on, but I'll always remember the experience I've had with them, and I'm looking forward the many more adventures that we will experience in the future!