Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New York City Adventure

My peeps! Left to right (Clara, Taryn, Kennedy and Abigail.)
These girls are awesome btw.
Hey reader, you!
I've been dying to tell you some pretty big news over the past few months. I hinted that I was taking a choir trip to NYC, but I didn't say what we were doing there. Now, I can finally share then news! ...So without further a due, I'm pleased to announce our college community choirs debut performance in....

Carnegie Hall!

Yes, Carnegie Hall! One of the biggest concert venues in the United States! Working with the choir has been a great experience! I was in the choir from the beginning, when it started two years ago. Its been great getting to know everyone individually, and being able to grow into a choir family in the past year while we have been working on our concert program! It was also amazing to get to experience New York City with my daddy! (pictured below) It was such a great bonding time with just the two of us. I'm telling you, it was awesome to be able to sing in Carnegie Hall with him. It was simply an amazing and unforgettable event that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Our trip lasted May 26th- May 30th. So little time to see everything NY has to offer. I plan on doing a NYC series with each post containing something different we saw in New York. I plan on writing up a post on the 9/11 memorial, Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, the Carnegie Hall concert among several other things. In this post I'll just be doing a random post of photos that won't fit in the other posts. I apologize in advance for the bad quality of some of the pictures. Some were taken hastily with an iPhone and others with my camera while I dashed through the streets. There was so much to see, the city was extremely busy and we were tossed and turned with all the crowds. It was hard to stop and take decent pictures, although I do have a few really neat ones!

Dad and I at the airport!

 The view from the plane on our first travel day

The view from the plane as we fly into Newark, New Jersey.

Our choir stayed at The Grand Hyatt. Its a four start hotel owned by Donald Trump, which I thought was interesting...:)

View of the city from the hotel window. By day and by night. 

Times Square. If you ever visit NYC, I wouldn't recommend going there. Its not the best place to sight see. We saw some wired stuff going on, but it was really neat to see where The Today Show is filmed and to see all those huge flat screen televisions hanging on the skyscrapers!

A guy dressed up as the Statue of Liberty in Times Square. 

There were a lot of people dressed up as disney characters, and movie characters for people to take pictures with in Time Square. I even saw an Elvis dude that I really wanted to get a picture with, but I was to much of a chicken to ask....

Taryn and I at the hotel.

This part of the post is where I get into the food part of NYC. Let me just say that ALL the food was amazing! For two mornings in a row we went to a bagel shop called, Ess-a-Bagel. It was awesome! The strawberry cream cheese was to die for, and I could have ate it like ice-cream, although that would not have been good for me:p
Funny story. Our first time going to this bagel shop there was a huge line all the way down the block. When we finally ordered our food, the employees looked exhausted and really annoyed. My dad ordered an everything bagel with pastrami, cheese and egg. I ordered a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese. We got the order and were ready to eat when we noticed that they had put everything my dad had ordered on the plain bagel and the strawberry cream cheese on the everything bagel. Not the greatest thing in the world! It tasted like a salty strawberry, but I ate it anyways:p

Waiting in line to get into the restaurant. Right to left: 
(Me, Taryn, Anna, Courtney)

On Friday night, the night of the Broadway show, we went to a restaurant called Ellen's Stardust Diner. The diner had a singing wait staff, and the food was delicious! 

NYC's M&M store. I purchased peanut butter filled M&M's and they were #awesome!

The street vendor market outside of our hotel,

The Empire State Building lit up at night.

I'm looking forward to posting more about NYC! This is just one of the many posts to come! I'm sad our trip is over, but I had a great time and got to bond with some really neat people! This would have never been possible without my parents, my friends and families support. Thanks everyone! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Goals 2016

- learn the basics of guitar
- learn more about photography and improving my pictures
- exercise more
- have a campout with friends in my backyard
- go hiking with my mom
- finish a book challenge I'm doing with a friend
- get a tan
- make a fancy, three teared cake with my brother

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blonde Highlights DIY


    I recently tried highlighting my hair naturally to get ready for summer! I have really thick, natural strawberry blonde hair, but I wanted to highlight it to bring out the blonde. ( I've always wanted to be a red head, but thats never gonna happen unless I dye it:) 

    My mom told me that her sisters use to dye their hair with hydrogen peroxide when they were teens, and their hair turned bleach blonde. Others, have said it turns your hair orange. But my mom suggested that I dilute the peroxide, half and half with water, and spray it on my hair with a fine mist sprayer..... So I decided, "Why not? It doesn't sound too dangerous!" 

    So, I did it. I mixed four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and four tablespoons of water and put it in a spray bottle. My mom sprayed my hair with the mixture, before I went on a walk with a friend. It dried pretty quickly in the sun, but I didn't notice any changes with my hair. When I got home I sprayed another layer on my hair and let it dry, then I repeated it again. I slowly noticed some changes in my hair. It was getting more blonde! And no, it didn't turn orange!:) That might happen if you just put in straight peroxide though:) I also washed my hair when it got the shade/color I wanted it to be, just so it didn't continue bleaching through the evening.

    I wouldn't recommend this for girls with brown hair, or any darker color for that matter:)
My dear friend, Julia, who has light brown hair, tried it and she didn't see any change in her hair at all. The first picture, on the left up there, is my hair before I put the peroxide in. The middle image shows my hair after the first application, and the right hand picture shows my hair after I washed and dried it. 

Do you enjoy experimenting with your hair?
What is your favorite summer hairstyle?

Thursday, May 12, 2016


reading- messenger by lois lowry
listening- if we're honest by francesca battistelli
watching- the grapes of wrath
smelling- lavender lotion and homemade chinese food
singing- can't help falling in love by elvis presley
excited- about NYC choir trip in 2 weeks!!
playing- chopin by robert schumann
experimenting- with natural hair highlights (post coming soon)
planning- a post on travel tips

how are you? 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

to mom

things i admire about my mom:
she's an amazing cook
she prays for me and my siblings
she loves the outdoors 
i know she will listen and give me advise on any problem
she's encouraging 
she loves me anyways when i'm not feeling very lovable
she's my best friend 
she cares for her friends and family 
she loves Jesus
she's fun an adventurous
she's the kind of wife i want to be someday to my future husband
she's beautiful
happy mothers day mom! i love you more that words could ever tell!<3

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

child of the trees

those stinging tears flooded without control
every one a raging sea with black and fogging sky, trapped inside a single droplet.
far from the world who orphaned me, and into the arms that love me.
i ran to nature, my friend, and she took me under her vast,
welcoming wing.
i am a child of the trees
proud of what i am...what i have become
and forgetting who i was
i ran to the mountains when i was wounded and crying in despair
and they loved me, gave me hope.
the eagle, the sparrow, the fox, and the wolves
and all the countless stars in the black night sky
they are my 
surrounding me with loyalty, compassion and protection
i am home forever
i am still amazed how nature, herself, possesses that everlasting power to
infinitely heal, and restore ones soul
and to give that promise that dawn comes after night
and the beauty of spring after winter

i am a child of the trees
and they love me.