Sunday, January 31, 2016


She paints with such elegance,
Her brushes gliding over the canvas like music,
The colors interweaving with such grace upon the page
like the morning sunrise
Turning nothing into beautiful
Imagination to reality...
All that she creates is alive

-little something I wrote-

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

living this life

-to live is the realist and rarest thing in the world
most people exist, that is all-

reading- the two towers by j.r.r tolkien
eating- homemade granola and yogurt
listening- to fix my eyes by king and country
watching- dr. quinn
studying- for drivers ed
singing- fly by maddie and tae
laughing- at those funny history jokes on pinterest (i'm a history nerd)
experimenting- with some new hairstyles
reserching- booker t. washington's life
smelling- homemade cookies
practicing- novelette by dmitri kabalevsky on the piano
organizing- my hope chest 
learning- about the progress movement of 1900

Thursday, January 7, 2016

my wander in the park.

went iceskating at the park with my sibling today! i don't have skates so, i wandered off into the empty park to capture some photos. i was trying to take some picture of a big oak tree when i head some scratching on the other side of the tree trunk. i quietly walked to the other side of the tree and there... i found a squirrel! it wasn't very frightened of me and let me take its picture. i snapped photos of it until it got tired of me and ran back up the tree. :) 
this is our third day of school and its going quite well! my mom is amazing! i don't know how she home schools all of us kids by herself! dude, I could never do that! she's like SuperWoman or something!
on monday my mom and dad signed me up for drivers ed! i'm super excited! ive been "practice driving" with my parents several times before, so i think i'll do good in the class, but i'm still a little nervous about it. i'm going to be taking it with a friend, so that will be nice to have someone with me!:)

do you have any advice on drivers ed?
have you ever been iceskating?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beautiful 02

if i can stop one heart from breaking
i shall not live in vain
if i can ease one life the aching
or cool one pain
or help one fainting robin
unto his nest again
i shall not live in vain
-emily dickenson-

Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Back on 2015

Most popular posts of 2015...

 Although there were struggles, I can look back on the past year and say that its all behind me, the good and the bad. So Happy New Year! Have more ideas, success, love and never regret. I am looking forward to the coming year and all that lies ahead!

-The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams-