Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Making A Good First Impression.

If you were just introduced to, say a shy person at a dinner or activity, how would you handle starting a conversation If you are also shy and nervous? How can you break the ice? What if the person is really talkative?

1. Compliment the person. Say something like "Oh! I really like that bow you are wearing in your hair! Where did you get it?" Or if it is a boy say something like "I really like your shirt!" You might touch on a topic that they enjoy and they just might take off and won't be able to stop talking! If the person is so shy that they answer your questions and then thats it, its hard to keep the conversation going. You just want to say "Gotta go!" But don't do that.... Try to find questions to ask that require more than a yes or no answer. 

2. Eye Contact. Look the person in the eye! Its not gonna kill you, I promise! Its hard, but worth it! It makes the person feel that you really care! Its also just polite, and it makes you look professional! I never use to look people in the eye until I did a Junior Homeschool Toastmasters class we had in our community! Is a great program that teaches you all the elements of public speaking! Its awesome!

3. Smile! No matter if you are talking to a shy person or maybe a person you know, but don't get along with very well, its always nice to smile! :D It also helps the person feel more comfortable getting to know you and will help them open up and talk! Aaaannnnnddddd.......smiling only uses 11 muscles in your face and frowning requires 12! Its lesser work to smile so do it!
This is a short post, but I hope will be helpful to you!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Blogger Recognition Award

Hey y'all! I just got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Awarded by Katie from over at Lillies Of Grace! Thank you so much for nominating me, Katie! I am really excited about this!
So here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and share a link to their blog.
2. Give a short story of how you stared your blog and some tips for other bloggers
3. Choose 15 bloggers to nominate for the award, and comment on each of their blogs so they know you nominated them.
4. Have fun!

How I ever came to start a blog:
Well, my mom came across the Seven Farm Girl Sisters blog, and she showed it to me thinking that I would like it. And I did! Its a great blog! I read their blog for awhile, and that is when I started looking around at other girls blogs, and I was like "I want a blog to!" So thats when I started to blog!

Tips for other bloggers:
I think if you want to blog you need to have a passion for it, and put yourself into it. Be yourself! Thanks what matters! Make your blog interesting by posting about things you enjoy!

And the nominees!
Sarah: Trusting the Lord Day By Day
J: Journeys of My Beating Heart
Jubilee: Hello Strawberry
Rebecca: The Silver Flute
Eve: Eve Of Womanhood
Brittany: Daughter Of The King
And anyone and everyone else that whats to join in! I nominate you! Sorry I don't have 15! I'm not that big in the blogging world yet! This was fun! Thank you again Katie for nominating me!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Day in the Life of Me

Hey y'all! Today I will be sharing with you a day in the life of me, myself and I!

1. So, first thing in the morning I get up to watch the beautiful sunrise!
Now that is is dark until 7:30-8:00 I get some time to enjoy the beautiful colors in the morning sky! I have always thought that God must have fun painting the sky!

2. Next, breakfast. We eat pretty healthy so we have things like homemade oatmeal, muffins, homemade yogurt, apples, eggs, toast.....that sort of thing .
3. Lately I have been trying to make it a habit to read my Bible every day, whether it be before or after breakfast or in the middle of the day. 

Then guess what?! I do school! I am homeschooled, and I love it! Although sometimes I do not enjoy school! Especially math! Yeah, I believe its Mental Abuse To Humans! :D


After school, or when ever I need a break, I practice piano. not everyday I get to it, but I do practice church hymns for church. :D

I can't skip reading any day! Right now I am reading the Book Thief all over again. I read it last spring, and it was absolutely AMAZING! So I am reading it again. I am also reading Roses For Mama by Janette Oke.

I might sew in the afternoon or knit. Right now I am sewing an apron with my mom shown above:D

8. Some nights of the week I may have play practice for Beauty and the Beast or choir, but every night depending on the week I have........dishes:(

9. An night I make it a point to watch the sunset! Its so pretty!
I hope you enjoyed a peek into the life of Yours Truly! :D